Project Free Better Diablo 2 announces a new season

Diablo 2 is too archaic, and you don’t have the money to buy Diablo 2 Resurrected? There is a way.

A new season for Project Diablo 2 has been announced – titled Ascension. The Closed Beta will begin on June 10, the Open Beta on June 20, and the official launch is scheduled for June 24.

As always, with the new Seasons, expect some significant gameplay changes. We start with new items, runic words, gameplay balance, and difficulty level balance, ending with additional challenges and end-game enlargement.

Some of the news from Ascension has already been revealed ( here ), but we are still waiting for more details.

Project Diablo 2 is free and expanded to the limit of Diablo 2. What Blizzard did not manage was a group of enthusiasts who made D2 an even bigger and even better hack and slash (with a touch of MMO).

In PD2, there is something like the Map System (straight from Path of Exile) and group dungeons that require the presence of Tankers, DPS, and Supports.