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Which are the Best MMORPGs 2022 Suits Gamers?

We’ve focused on several factors for this list. First of all, we want to choose games that are still alive and get new content regularly. Then we made sure that there were different genres and settings, i.e., theme park MMORPGs, sandbox games, fantasy scenarios, and sci-fi settings.

Lost Ark – The Diablo MMORPG from Korea
Lost Ark is a Free2Play MMORPG from an iso perspective. You use the mouse for movement and regular attacks. As the game progresses, you unlock additional skills, for which you can use the QWER keys on the keyboard, for example. The controls have also been adjusted accordingly.
Lost Ark was released in Korea at the end of 2019 and has since received numerous updates. Today, the game convinces above all with a large amount of content. The level phase and the equipment systems have also been adjusted to fit everything perfectly.
As known from other newly released MMORPGs like New World, teething problems were mainly fixed before the West’s release. The start was successful, with over 1.3 million simultaneous players on Steam.


  • The action-packed and dynamic combat system
  • Lots of character development options
  • Lots of endgame content
  • The varied world with a mix of fantasy and steampunk
  • New updates regularly
  • Strong player numbers


  • Setting and combat systems are not for everyone
  • Endgame consists of a lot of grinds
  • Many daily tasks take a lot of time.
  • The shop is controversial.

Who is Lost Ark ideal for?
Lost Ark is the perfect game for hack and slash battles fans who fancy classic MMORPG features such as guilds, housing, dungeons, raids, and PvP. Lost Ark is ideal for you if you’ve always wanted a Diablo MMORPG.
In Lost Ark, there are hardly any limits to your playing style. You can follow the story or face dungeons, raids, and boss fights. It’s also great for you if you want a lot of content to keep you busy for months.
You can also expand your island and play PvP. Lost Ark offers its equipment system in the arenas, which is the same for all players.
If the content already integrated into the game is not enough for you, you can look forward to new content at regular intervals – there should be new content every 1-2 months and a new class every 2-3 months.

Is there a catch?
You should be aware that Lost Ark is played in iso perspective. In addition, the title places great value on long grinds. If you’re not a fan of either, Lost Ark might not appeal to you as much.
Furthermore, the developers struggle with bots and gold sellers, which are a problem with almost every Free2Play MMORPG.

What content is there?
Lost Ark focuses on grinding for better items. During the game, you will repeatedly face barriers that require a higher Gearscore.
But in addition to numerous challenges with ever-increasing Gearscore, Lost Ark has a lot to offer:
You have the choice of 15 different classes.
There is a story that you follow and hundreds of side quests, some of which tell entirely different stories.
Dozens of dungeons and raids await you.
There is shipbuilding and shipping.
There is housing on your island. You can form relationships with NPCs.

An auction house for trading
PvP in unique arenas with a ranking
Another impressive aspect of Lost Ark is the game world, which regularly changes its setting. Sometimes there is high fantasy, then dark fantasy, and sometimes it goes in the steampunk direction. How to get Lost Ark: Lost Ark is distributed in the West by Amazon Games and has been available on Steam as a free-to-play title since February.

EVE Online – The Ultimate Sandbox
EVE Online is a prime example of a working sandbox that is still working well after 17+ years. In EVE Online, you build a beautiful character using complex editors, but you spend most of your time at the controls of your spaceship.
You fly through a gigantic universe full of planets and other players with it. Almost everything in the game is in the hands of players and their guilds (corporations), and the resulting alliances control large parts of the game world.
Therefore, almost all objects and ships in the game are built by players. Since you can also pay the subscription fees with game resources, game time is worth hard cash. Alternatively, you can also play EVE Online for free to a limited extent.

Highly complex sandbox
Players can develop freely
Complex gameplay
Players determine politics and economy
Epic battles in space

Graphics are no longer fresh
Performance issues in significant battles
Highly complex and not beginner-friendly
Nothing for casuals

Best For:
EVE Online is a feast for gamers who love total freedom in an MMORPG. Here you do not prescribe any given quests and stories about what you have to do.
Instead, you fly off in your ship, become a pirate, mercenary, resource collector, or whatever you want. Join a corporation and help shape the big politics of the galaxy. The possibilities are limitless.

Is there a catch?
EVE Online is a complex and bulky game. This deters newcomers at first, and without the help of experienced players, many young pilots immediately throw the spacesuit in the grain.
In addition, EVE Online is very time-consuming and not easy to play as a casual player.

How EVE Online plays:
As already mentioned, in EVE Online, you are part of a large community. Only as part of a corporation and with a lot of commitment does the game unfold its full strength. But then you can take part in epic battles that the EVE world regularly witnesses. This is how World War Bee 2 started in the summer of 2020, which was only recently decided and consumed vast resources.
Large-scale wars in EVE are often costly because your current possessions are usually gone when you die. Losses of more than thousands of dollars can come together.

This is what it looks like with content replenishment:
EVE is still being developed diligently despite its old age, and significant expansions are regularly coming. Even an invasion of NPC enemies was primarily well-received by the community.

Guild Wars 2 – A feast for collectors and explorers
Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to the legendary Guild Wars, but the two games couldn’t be more different in gameplay. On the one hand, we fight in the sequel with an action combat system (with targeting), and on the other, Guild Wars 2 does not follow the classic MMORPG path of quests and clients.
Instead, dynamic events are constantly happening in the game world, in which any number of players take part and are more or less lucratively rewarded depending on their performance.
This makes the game world come alive, and there is always something to do and experience. But Guild Wars 2 is not only breaking new ground with the quests. The typical holy trinity of online role-playing games, i.e., tank, damage dealer, and healer, is now available in Guild Wars 2, although it is not necessary.
Each class can keep itself alive, and only in raids is a division into healers, tanks, and DDs necessary. Due to the elite specializations of the courses, these roles can be taken on by almost all characters. One of the most popular and best tanks is even a class that wears light armor.

Ongoing story and changing, living world
The excellent, lively game world
Dynamic events instead of typical quests
Good PvP with mass battles and battlefields
Original mounts/mounts

Less new content
Getting started can be a bit confusing due to the many options.

Best for:
Gamers are tired of classic MMORPGs because Guild Wars 2 breaks many conventions. The combat system is more action-packed than classic tab targeting, the quest system is dynamic, and the roles of the classes are flexible.
Guild Wars 2 also has a lot to offer for explorers who want to delve deep into a living world, discovering it while casually playing with others.
A lot is going on dynamically in the world. Tasks suddenly appear in certain places, and groups are formed automatically. And if you like collecting all sorts of things, like jump & run deposits, and want to achieve umpteen achievements, you should also look at Guild Wars 2.
Another critical point is the separation between PvP and PvE. If you want, you can also only participate in the PvP content of the game and vice versa. Due to the normalized equipment and the level scaling in PvP also only depends on your skill.
It’s considered one of the best PvP MMOs, offering both mass battles between factions and structured PvP in the form of battlegrounds.

Is there a catch?
If you come into the game for the first time, you will find many things that you can do that are almost confusing. But once you’ve done this after several hundred hours, not much comes. Only the lack of new content in the endgame is currently a burden for the game.
The biggest problem for players in the endgame is the lack of new, good content, which has been going on since 2020 and will hopefully be ended by the big expansion End of Dragons. This will be released in February 2022.

Guild Wars 2 features
This is how the atmosphere presents itself
: Guild Wars 2 hardly beats a game that quickly when it comes to atmosphere. Because the game world is lovingly designed and full of characters you have come to love, who appear again and again and advance the story.
Incidentally, the story of Guild Wars 2 is not just a decorative accessory but the engine of the whole game and the focus of the expansions Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire.
The so-called Living Story continues, and every few weeks, a new episode is released free of charge (only for those who have played the previous episode), which continues the story. There are also great story moments in the two addons.
The world keeps changing. For example, disgusting water creatures building a massive tower in a lake or a villain attacking and destroying capital in the game! Consequences like this keep making the world of Guild Wars 2 exciting and thrilling.

That’s in the addons:
Guild Wars 2 now has two significant expansions: Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. Heart of Thorns brought a large jungle area and a new progression system. You could learn various new skills in the jungle and then, among other things, sail with a glider, use mushrooms as trampolines or crawl through musty tunnels in the jungle floor. The 9th class also came into play with the revenant.
Path of Fire brings an epic story about gods and dragons and the continent known from Guild Wars 1 Elona. There were, among other things, jumping raptors, hopping rabbits, teleporting jackals, or floating rays. There you could also finally get mounts and unlock new methods of locomotion. Path of Fire also brought new classes to Guild Wars 2 again.
You can then also use the features of both expansions in the base game world, which makes many aspects of the world easier for you.
Guild Wars 2: The base game is now available for free. The expansion Path of Fire must be purchased separately but automatically includes Heart of Thorns. Monthly costs do not apply.
So Guild Wars 2 is between the Free2Play and Buy2Play models. It should be seen as a Buy2Play game with a highly generous trial period, as the endgame is hard to partake in the latest content without the expansions.

The Elder Scrolls Online – For Skyrim fans and consoles
According to chief developer Matt Firor, The Elder Scrolls Online owes its success that it is not a classic MMORPG. And indeed, with every update, ESO resembles the great role model Skyrim a little more, a pure single-player role-playing game.
Many Skyrim fans didn’t want a World of Warcraft in the Elder Scrolls to look, and therefore The Elder Scrolls Online always made a point of not appearing like a typical online role-playing game.
For example, there is no mini-map but the compass known from Skyrim and Co., which leads to the active quest goal. In addition, player characters can hardly be distinguished from NPCs, thus ensuring a lively and atmospheric gameworld in which the well-known races and regions from the Elder Scrolls universe can be found.
And unlike the single-player games in the series, this one lets us travel to many different regions of Tamriel. However, ESO does not offer a completely open world.

Elder-Scrolls-Setting und Gameplay
All of Tamriel as a game world
Dynamic areas adapt to the player’s level
Mini DLC addons with practical innovations
console versions
Other known settings as addons

Phasing and Elder Scrolls gameplay elements make it feel a little like an MMORPG
Since all heroes are always scaled up, character progression is hardly noticeable.

Best for:
Those who are less into classic MMORPGs but found Skyrim great should look at TESO. It’s also a feast for story lovers, as the MMO is packed with quests set to music and compelling stories. And if you’ve had enough of the classic endgame, you’ve come to the right place because here, the path is the goal. The endgame begins almost immediately.
The console version has been implemented well, and the community on PS4 and Xbox One is quite large. It’s one of the few high-quality MMORPGs also playable on consoles. Console players craving MMOs should check it out. ESO can also be played on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but the game received a major next-gen update in August 2021.

Is there a catch?
Some players are bothered by the fact that in ESO, it doesn’t matter too much how high you’ve leveled up. Also, the game plays more like a solo RPG than an MMORPG.
The often poor performance is another problem that should be fixed soon. The first steps were already taken in update 24, which contained the new DLC Dragonhold. Especially in PvP, the performance is still annoying.

How One Tamriel Works:
To help the Elder Scrolls feel grow, Update 12 introduced the One Tamriel concept. This abolishes faction borders and, in principle, levels. Anyone can visit each region.
As each hero adapts to the local challenge, everyone can play how they want. Since the combat system is dynamic and action-packed, skill is more critical than sheer power.
Since Skyrim and Co. were very popular, especially on the consoles, The Elder Scrolls Online also thrives on Playstation 4 and 5 and Xbox One and Series S|X and has many players there. The action combat system is also easy to use with the gamepad.
This is how new content comes out: Instead of large addons, more minor DLC expansions are released quarterly, usually bringing a new region and organization – such as the thieves’ guild or the assassins – into play. Since 2017, however, one of these DLCs has always been a more extensive chapter, which roughly corresponds to a small addon.
In 2017, ESO turned things up. The housing feature came in February, and the first significant add-on is Morrowind in the summer! More DLCs took you into the steampunk world of the clockwork city in 2017. And in 2018, another great addon came with Summerset.
However, the most famous chapter has been Elsweyr 2019, which also brought a cohesive year-round campaign with Season of the Dragon.
Coming in 2020, Greymoor is the newest chapter that takes players to Skyrim. This is especially interesting for Skyrim fans. In 2021, the adventure continued with Gates of Oblivion. The extensive chapter addon Blackwood was recently released for this purpose.

New World – For fans of exploration and crafting
Released in 2021, New World was Amazon Game Studios’ first MMORPG project. Initially, it was intended to be an open-world survival RPG set in South America. Later, however, the game was realigned, and a fantasy plot about a newly discovered island and magic was added.
New World became a PvE-oriented MMORPG with an action-combat system and many open-world and sandbox elements such as housing and strong crafting. But also offers exciting PvP content.
New World’s style is realistic and solid. So it is a western MMORPG without too crass effects and color explosions. Your characters are not superheroes chosen by fate, but simple explorers are looking for their fortune in the new world.

Best for:
New World is a game for fans of unusual MMORPGs. The game does not offer any classes, and weapons give only properties. You level up your heroes according to your wishes and can expand them as you wish. In addition, the setting takes place in the 17th century on a fictional, newly discovered island in the Atlantic, where all inhabitants are immortal due to mysterious circumstances.
The combat system is also unusual, and it’s an action system with active aiming and dodging/blocking. However, it doesn’t run hectic and confusing, but rather leisurely, thanks to the long animations.
Incidentally, crafting is not just an accessory in New World because the game was once conceived as a survival title, and you can still see that clearly in New World, among other things, in the complex crafting.

Is there a catch?
Of course, not everything runs smoothly in the new world either. The game still suffers from a lack of content in the endgame. In PvP, there is currently still a lack of exciting activities.
While there is enough PvE content, much of it is aimed at the hardcore gamer. People who only look into the game now and then have little to do and a long grind ahead of them.
In addition, some annoying bugs and exploits spoil the game’s fun. New World has some potential but still needs to polish its rough edges.
In addition, the action combat system is not suitable for every MMORPG fan. You have nothing to laugh about if you prefer comfortable tab targeting here. New World also doesn’t have an epic staged story. The story serves more like a side-step metaplot around a destructive substance but is excellent and complex once you delve into it.

New World features
How the combat system works:
New World takes a different approach than classic MMORPGs like WoW or Final Fantasy XIV. You don’t select an opponent with the Tab key and then rattle down your predefined skills.
Instead, you have to target the opponent directly, and then you can strike in a targeted manner. But if you don’t aim well, your attacks will go to waste. This is particularly important in long-distance combat because New World plays almost like a shooter here.
Your weapons also determine which skills you can use. The weapon is the replacement for the classes that do not exist in this form in New World. Instead, you choose your weapon and, therefore, your role in the game. Of course, you can change equipment at any time and switch between classes quickly.

Fun fact:
the heavier your armor, the slower and more sluggish you move, so it’s essential to keep weight in mind. You can even perform an actual dodge roll with only light armor.

This is how crafting works:
In many MMORPGs, crafting is just an accessory that nobody is interested in anymore, especially in the endgame. It’s different in New World. Here, making items and maximizing crafting skills are part of the endgame activities.

So you can only get the best stuff if you painstakingly craft it yourself as a master crafter. But until you get that far, you have to craft for many hours and use many rare resources. So if you want to get to grips with a complex crafting system, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s the thing about PVP:
New World offers some PvP options, but they are all optional. So you can fight to your heart’s content in the open world, but only if you want to. Those who don’t feel like PvP march stoically through the battles that regularly break out in the world between the three factions.
But if you feel like fighting with players, you can even conquer areas of the world for your faction and then demand taxes from players. The locations are always contested and thus ensure new political constellations again and again.
Those who prefer PvP with rigid rules can let off Steam in instances such as outpost conquests. This is about capturing and holding three fixed targets.

Is anything else coming soon?
New World gets regular updates and patches. However, a clear roadmap is still missing as to when it will happen. So far, we only know that new areas and PvP content are planned.

Black Desert Online – From donkey driver to feudal lord
Black Desert Online impresses right from the start with a detailed character editor. With this, you build your dream character – within the class requirements. Even wacky variants like Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Jesus, or Arnold Schwarzenegger are possible.
Unfortunately, the game throws you a big stick between your creative legs using gender lock because the gender is (with one exception) firmly bound to the class. But the MMORPG now often offers similar classes for the genders, such as ranger as a female character or archer as a male character.
An overview of all and the best classes can be found here.
After character creation, Black Desert Online throws you into a strange world and explains next to nothing. That fits, too, because your hero wakes up in a donkey stable with no memory, and apart from an annoying demon who steers us through sprawling grind quests, you have no one to pretend anything.
No wonder Black Desert Online is a sandbox online role-playing game in which your hero can do whatever he wants.

Beest for:
Anyone who likes excellent graphics to build an existence in a fantasy world and loves sandboxes should get Black Desert Online. There is something to discover in every corner of the world, and if you like trudging into an open world, you will be able to immerse yourself in the game world for a long time.
It is also interesting that Black Desert can play like an economic simulation because it is possible to build your trading empire in Black Desert – with employees, outposts, production cycles, and the entire program.

Is there a catch? But be careful:
The game is not for players who don’t have much time or who like to be guided from quest to quest by the hand. You have to have a little curiosity and, above all, patience to have fun with Black Desert.
Many of the mechanics require time and attention to get to grips with. Some things are not explained optimally and are not immediately apparent.

Black Desert features
This is how the economy works: The economic system is particularly prominent. Your character is also a resourceful businessman, and so you acquire nodes and production facilities everywhere in the game world, which you expand into a trade and industrial network.
This creates complex production chains. For example, when a farmer grows potatoes for you, which you in turn process into flour and use to make delicious food. The food then gives you buff in turn.
You can also load goods onto a donkey cart and trade with them. Since Black Desert Online values ​​a lively game world, there is no fast travel, so you have to cover the routes to lucrative sales markets in real time, for better or worse.
But you get a lot of gold and can get rich, especially if you’re making maritime trade on the vast ocean of Marjorie.
This is still in the Black Desert Online isn’t just about economic interests. The game is primarily aimed at single-player fans because there is no classic group content such as dungeons and raids. Your heroes can fight in open PvP, build and besiege fortresses and dungeon instances, and extensive world bosses wait for your sword.
There are many things you could – and still can – do in Black Desert Online in 2020. The combat system is dynamic and builds on powerful combos. In addition, the already massive world is constantly being expanded and enlarged.
In addition, new classes are constantly being added. A female pirate, the Kosarin, can be a mermaid most recently. So if you want to spend a lot of time in a lively fantasy world again, you should look at Black Desert Online.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – For people who don’t actually like MMORPGs at all
Bioware’s SWTOR has been an MMO for people who prefer to gamble alone since the expansion of Knights of the Fallen Empire.
Because in the addon and its upcoming successor, The Sith Legacy, you only play solo and follow a cinematic story in the early days of the Star Wars universe several thousand years before the movies.
Additionally, Star Wars: The Old Republic is the official sequel to Bioware’s hit RPG Knights of the Old Republic, and many story elements and characters are KotOR-related. In general, the story of SWTOR is unparalleled.

Terrific, fully voiced storytelling
Perfect Star Wars atmosphere
Actions in quests have consequences
Exciting single-player missions

Few new MMO elements
Old-fashioned combat system
Graphically not very attractive

Best For:
Star Wars fans and those who enjoy immersive single-player content in an MMO setting should check out SWTOR. Because hardly any MMORPG puts so much value on the story and your decisions in it.

Is there a catch?
SWTOR’s graphics have never been good, and they haven’t been in the last few years.
In addition, the tab targeting system is no longer up to date, and the intense focus on solo content could bother some players. For example, the latest story content can only be played alone.

These are the features of SWTOR.
But all this is surpassed by the expansion of Knights of the Fallen Empire and the successor Knights of the Eternal Throne. Because here, you only play alone – apart from a few missions in the endgame – and immerse yourself perfectly in a glorious Star Wars story that comes with everything a Star Wars fan could wish for.
You get it all along with Bioware’s usual storytelling with SWTOR: lightsabers, evil empires, blatant plot twists, intricate relationships between characters, epic duels, and massive space battles.

So much MMORPG is in SWTOR:
On the other hand, SWTOR is still a classic MMORPG in which you can also do dungeons and raids.
However, not much new has been added in this area lately. The latest expansion, Onslaught, was played through quite quickly. Despite this, she was popular with the players.
However, what was less friendly about SWTOR was the rather customer-hostile Free2Play system, where you pay extra for every little thing (once), and therefore it’s best to stay with the subscription. But that was improved with the July 2019 update. The MMORPG started on Steam in 2020. Otherwise, it was a relatively quiet year.
But soon, something new should finally happen in SWTOR again because the considerable addon Legacy of the Sith has been announced for February 15th, and there should still be a lot happening in the game in the rest of 2022.

Final Fantasy XIV – A big MMO with tons of content!
The once Ugly Duckling Final Fantasy XIV has become one of RPG creators Square Enix’s proudest flagship projects over the past six years. With four addons released, the MMORPG has made tremendous strides since its launch.
The regular free content updates released every 3 to 4 months bring new story quests, raids, dungeons, gear, and much more. In December 2021, the latest expansion, Endwalker, was released, closing the previous story and opening a new one.

Friendly and helpful community
Four content-packed expansions for every type of player
The extensive, sophisticated crafting system
Regular content patches with new Dungeons & Raids
Exciting story with beautiful and emotional cutscenes
You can set your own playing pace freely
Lots of Final Fantasy cameos and easter eggs for fans of the series

Some old game systems from the time shortly after the reboot are complicated for beginners to see
partially strong instantiation
Plodding start, the early game is not very exciting and requires patience.

Best for:
Fans of the Final Fantasy series are looking to get into an MMORPG. And also generally for lovers of classic MMORPGs who like to immerse themselves in worlds with an Asian touch, i.e., want an excellent alternative to World of Warcraft in a different setting.
FFXIV appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers. There are also more than enough other players. And there is probably no other MMO that gets so many enormous content expansions in such a short time.

Is there a catch?
If you want to get into an MMORPG quickly and easily, then FF14 may not be ideal for you. The game starts very slowly and requires you to play through the entire story before you can enter the endgame. This can take a long time with three extensions.
In addition, FFXIV only gets good with the first expansion Heavensward. But it’s a long way to get there, and you’ll have to fight your way through it.

The features of FF14
The story is much praised: One of the central aspects of FFXIV is the story of the MMORPG. The storytelling is epic and continues to unfold as the addons progress. Players start as simple adventurers and slowly work their way up to become a real heroes. You will uncover old secrets, make new friends among the NPCs and fight powerful enemies.
In particular, the fans of the old Final Fantasy games will get their money’s worth here because the quality of the FFXIV story can easily keep up with the old FF classics. There are also tons of clothes for popular characters like Squall and Cloud in FFXIV.

How the combat system works:
The gameplay is based on the classic MMORPG combat systems with a global cooldown. It can seem harsh and sluggish to an experienced player at low levels, but don’t let that fool you!
Thanks to class-specific resource bars and game mechanics, it shines with high dynamics and complex rotations at the max level.
Newcomers who can’t wait to get into FFXIV’s challenging raiding as soon as possible can purchase the usual booster packs in the Cash Shop. So you can set your own game pace as you want.
In 2020, the Free2Play version of FFXIV will be significantly expanded. You can now upgrade your hero to level 60 and experience all story and side quests up to patch 3.55 just before adding Stormblood.
However, since you can learn and play all classes with one character, there is plenty of time to decide whether you like the game. You can experience all jobs up to level 60 before paying any money.

Neverwinter – Action MMORPG for D&D fans
Neverwinter is an action-packed online role-playing game set in Dungeons & Dragons. You fight your way through quite linear areas and complete quests with it. You choose one of meanwhile nine typical D&D classes. These include fighter, barbarian, ranger, cleric and rogue, and most recently, bard.
In addition, you follow a complex story that unfolds in the course of the respective expansion – called modules. The modules come out every few months and offer at least one new setting and story. Sometimes new classes and races are added.

Action combat system
Strong focus on D&D
Regular content replenishment
Intuitive gameplay

Slightly dusty graphics
Mostly linear areas
Big focus on the cash shop

Best for:
Neverwinter is the right MMOPRG for players looking for a rock-solid, classic MMO that regularly adds new content but doesn’t cost anything because Neverwinter is entirely Free2Play.
Pretty much every aspect of Dungeons & Dragons has been in the game. Be it dragons, dark elves, frost giants, wild jungles, or the horror setting Ravenloft. 2020 went down to hell with a longer story centered around Avernus, while the latest addon takes you to the Dragonbone Vale in January 2022. There is also a strong focus on D&D, especially the current 5th edition.

Is there a catch?
Yes, as a means of transportation with the new update. Joking aside, Neverwinter is Free2Play. However, it is often pointed out that you could also spend money on the game. There is an in-game shop where you can spend a relatively large amount of real money, and, in addition to cosmetics, you can also buy items that contribute to game progress.

These are the prominent features of Neverwinter.
How Neverwinter plays: Neverwinter is based on a pen and paper role-playing game, but the combat system is pleasantly fast and dynamic. Each class has a unique set of skills to fill their specific role on the battlefield.
The skills and combinations that your heroes master are quick and easy, so even hard grinding against hordes of enemies is a lot of fun. So if you appreciate fast fights and different classes, you will get your money’s worth here.
How often is new content coming: Neverwinter has been around for over eight years, and the abundance of content is impressive. Twenty-two modules have since appeared, covering most of the D&D features. On average, a new module comes out every 3-4 months.
In addition to classic D&D settings such as the Temple of Elemental Evil or the dark elf setting Underdark, there are also such curious things as a trip to the mysterious world of Ravenloft to see the vampire prince Strahd. This makes the MMORPG still interesting even seven years after its release.