Raft research guide – how to use the research table

When you start your journey through the ocean in RAFT, you will encounter various unknown objects. You need to explore these subjects on the research table to find out about them and unlock their recipes. This leadership will inform you about how to use the RAFT research table.

How to build a research table in RAFT

The research table, as the name implies, is used in RAFT to study unknown objects and unlock their recipes that you will need to create objects. Read on to find out how to use the research table in RAFT.

To start the study of unknown subjects, you must first build a research table, which is not difficult. All you need is 14 boards and 2 scraps, and everything is ready to create a research table.

Getting the necessary materials for the research table is also quite simple. The boards can be found floating in the ocean or made by cutting palm trees on the islands. As soon as you have the required number of boards, you want to find scrap metal.

Lom can also be obtained in one of two ways. You can get it from empty rafts and around island reefs or find it in barrels. Barrels can be found scattered in the ocean.

When you have both objects for craft, create a research table and place it on the raft to start the research process.

How to use a research table in RAFT

After you have set the research table, you need to use it to study subjects, and the study of an unknown subject is an easy task. All you need is to choose an unknown subject and place it in the research table.

After that, just click the explore button, and the subject will be investigated, and the recipe for its manufacture will be automatically unlocked in an instant. Another thing that should be noted is that you do not have to have drawings; It is enough to simply place an unknown element.

Even if you correctly perform the above steps, you still cannot explore the subject. This will happen because some subjects require you to investigate others before you can explore them. Take, for example, a barrel, it requires the study of board, scrap metal and ropes as a preliminary condition.