Advent, Mir M official service starts in Mir 2 memories

Wemade’s masterpiece mobile MMORPG Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond (hereinafter referred to as Mir M) was officially released on Google Play and Apple App Store on the 23rd.


Mir M is the second inheritance of Wemade Mir IP. The eight-way grid battles and quarter views have greatly enhanced the importance of strategy and tactics, and capture the latest technologies such as game service know-how and Unreal engine that Wemade has accumulated. It is divided into 12-year-old users and youths that cannot be used, and can be logged in by social accounts such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Kakao. The official website also provides PC versions, you can freely travel between mobile and PCs and enjoy cross play.

In addition, special events will be held from 23rd to July 21st to commemorate the official game service. If you fill up the Mirm’s unique growth system ‘Mandala’ and raise the level, you will receive a laser blade 13 gaming laptop, Shimano 18 Iso Limited Lure University, Limoa Travel Carrier, and Google Gift Card. In addition, by 30 days, a license package will be presented with limited edition rides for access users.

For more information about Mir M, please visit the official website.