Double Fine Productions: Studio is trying to find idea artist for unannounced task

There are practically no indicators of the game in the task ad. Only that the candidate would benefit the applicant for strange and one-of-a-kind personalities as well as stories.

Double Fine Productions, the programmer workshop behind video games such as Psychonauts, Brütal Legend or Broken Age is currently looking for support in the form of a Contract Concept Artist for an still unannounced project.

In the tweet for the tender created by Double Fine Productions, there is also no evidence or hint on what sort of project it is to discover:

Breaking: We proceed to play amazing games and we desire to remain to assist cool people who help us establish!

We are seeking a contract concept artist that aids with a brand-new task!

Do you have an unusual view of the globe? A hand for the development and version of projects with a team? What concerning a killer smile?


Then you could fit us flawlessly!