It doesnt work for a new friend in Pokemon Go – how to fix it

The quest line incomprehensible mischief sets you the task of starting a new friend, but many players have problems with its implementation. It seems that the quest line can be buggy, which is why the quest cannot be made even after adding a new friend.


How to solve the problem with the quest incomprehensible mischief in Pokémon Go

The easiest way to solve the problem is contact Niantic support service. Players report that the Niantic customer support service quickly corrected the problem, while restart/deletion, it seems, does not solve the problem.

The first step towards eliminating the problem is to make sure that you are correctly performing a quest. The task of starting a new friend is quite simple, but it requires you to send a request for adding to friends, and then accept it. If you did this during the quest chain incomprehensible evil, but it is still not completed, contact the Niantic support service.

How to contact the Niantic support service in Pokémon Go

You can contact the Niantic support service in the Pokémon Go application to talk in the chat and explain your problem. Open Pokémon Go and click on the pokeball at the bottom of the screen. Select settings at the top right, then click the help button in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, Select the chat icon in the upper right corner to start the chat.

Briefly describe the problem, and the support service should help. The quest chain seems to cause many problems, so customer support can be a little slower than usual.

Pokémon Go is currently in the middle of Pokémon Go Fest, conducting live events around the world and offering new special research tasks. While you are waiting for a solution to the problem with the addition of friends, you can deal with other special research tasks or participate in one of the combat cups.

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