Paradox introduces the new survival simulation survival The APTAMAN

-Introducing various threats in the world after destruction

Sega introduces a variety of threats that threaten the colony created by the user for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch’s software, which is scheduled to be released on July 28.


Surviving The Affrass is the latest survival simulation game of Paradox.

The player must build a colony in the future after the destruction of the world, and go beyond various threats that are inevitable and regain their lost civilizations using all kinds of wisdom.

Various threats that threaten colonies

In the world after destruction, an inevitable disaster occurs, which threatens the lives of the colonies of the colony. When the disaster comes, the colony or the residents are damaged, so various measures are needed. The frequency of occurrence can be selected in three stages at the start of the game.

Disasters that come to colonies come from ‘Nakjin’, which causes radioactive damage, ‘self-storm’ that affects power facilities, ‘infectious diseases’ that are widely ill, ‘heatwaves’ with severe heat, and everything is covered with heavy snow. There are six kinds of ‘cold’.

‘Nakjin’ is a medical facility, and ‘cold’ requires a fire to give warmth to residential facilities and workshops.

In addition to disasters, there are many factors that threaten colony’s peace, such as ‘pollution’ that causes health damage, such as wild animals such as wild boars, and mouse attacking fields. You can take appropriate measures to further develop your colonies.