2022 LCK Summer Tradition Zenji, the first place in the sole

[Guangdong Prix Park Ye-jin reporter] Zenji was the only one in the 2022 LCK Summer and was ranked first.

League of Legends Champions Korea (CEO Oh Sang-heon, LCK) announced on the 4th that Zenji was the first in the 2022 LCK Summer 3 weeks held at the LCK Arena located in the Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul from June 29 to July 3. did.

Zenji, who continued to march with T1 and DRX in the first and second weeks, Nongshim Red Force and Guangdong Prix were beaten in succession and ranked first with +1111.

Zenji won 2-0 in the match against Nongshim Red Force on June 30, taking the lead without a big crisis. Zenji used the judgment of the guardian’s referee in every moment when the jungler ‘Peanut’ Han Wang-ho’s Poppy was decisive in the first set, and dragged the so-called ‘home run’ comfortably, and in the second set, Lucian’s lucian of the ranged dealer ‘Ruler’ Park Jae-hyuk I won as I unfolded. Zenji, who had never lost to Nongshim, continued to win 7 games before Nongshim. In the confrontation with Guangdong Prix on the 2nd, Zenji won five wins.

◆ Guangdong Prix, ’24 consecutive wins’ t1 destroys

The biggest difference in the third week is the fact that the T1’s streak was braked. The T1 finished the LCK Spring in 2022. The T1, which continued to win in the first and second weeks of Summer, has won 24 consecutive wins in LCK.

On June 29, Guangdong Prix, who faced the T1, shook the T1 with a different champion. Guangdong, who took out the hole in the first set and lost to the T1, raised the sustainability of combat by constructing the lower duo in the second set in Sena and Serapin, and won the second half. In the third set, the T1 tried to reduce the variable by putting Sena in the ban, but Guangdong pulled out Ash and Seraphin as if he looked back. Guangdong, who drove the minion to Seraphin, used Ash as a supporter, and then defeated the T1 with a pattern of seeding after hitting the magic crystal arrow.

On the other hand, the fans’ unexpected play, nicknamed the ‘Romantic Team’, revived ‘romance’ in the third week.

The Live Sandbox, which shot the KT Rollster 2-0 in the second week, shot the pace by winning two-to-one against DRX, which was playing four consecutive wins on June 29. Prince Lee Chae-hwan, a long-range dealer, who was recruited to reinforce the power ahead of the summer, reported the first straight streak of the summer with a two-to-one kill in 13 kills and three sets.

Three days later, on July 2, the Live Sandbox, who won 2-0 with Freddd Brion, who was defeated by the summer, scored 4 wins and 2 losses, and shoulder with Damwon Kia and DRX.