It will be released in the fourth quarter of Traha Global, from automatic to manual battle.

Moai Games will launch Traha Global, which is being developed in the fourth quarter of this year.

Traha Global is a mobile MMORPG developed and serviced by Moi Games. Traha recorded 4 million pre-reservations at the time of its 2019 domestic launch, ranked second in Google Play and No. 1 Apple App Store sales after its launch.

Traha Global, which is released this time, supports manual battles, not automatic, unlike its predecessor. It also offers PVP, RVR, party play, and raid dungeons. Specific content will be released in the private tests conducted in Asia at the end of July.


Moai Games launched Traha Infiniti, a new-based Traha-based work in February. It is the first own service game of Moai Games, ranking 6th in Google Play. Based on the service know-how, global publication is also published.

Lee Chan, CEO of Moi Games, said, We are developing Traha Global with the goal of launching a global one-build for the globalization of Traha IP. I will try infinitely so that users around the world can have the fun of Traha Global.