Clash Royale

These are the five best Clash Royale Decks to beat in all Arenas

In Clash Royale there are a series of arenas to access as you earn victories and points. You start in the Training Arena and you will go until you reach the Arena of Champions. Do you want to win in all of them? Below I propose five decks to win in all arenas. Set up several of them and try them out.


Giant Mace, Skeletons and Graveyard

  • Cards : Giant, Musketeer, Mini PEKKA, Bats, Skeleton Army, Graveyard, Snowball and Arrows.
  • Average elixir cost : 3.5
  • Management : This deck is very easy to complete. Use the Giant, Bats and Skeleton Army offensively and the Musketeer and Mini PEKKA to defend against enemy attacks. The idea is to harass your opponents.

Hell Dragon Deck, Skeleton Dragons, and Bombastic Balloon

  • Cards : Barbarians, Miner, Lava Hound, Inferno Dragon, Skeleton Dragons, Bombastic Globe, Arrows, and Bolt.

  • Average elixir cost : 4.1.
  • Handling : This deck is only suitable for true experts and strategists due to its high elixir cost. Knowing when to use each card is vital. Use the Infernal Dragons, Skeleton Dragons and Bombastic Balloon to defend and attack. Arrows and Shock can quickly clear groups of enemies.

Golden Knight, Miner and Poison deck

  • Cards : Golden Knight, Miner, Bats, Skeletons, Royal Pack, Poison, The Trunk and Tesla Tower.
  • Average elixir cost : 2.9
  • Management : This is the deck with the lowest average elixir cost on the entire list. Use the Tesla Tower and The Trunk to reinforce your defense. The Golden Knight is your stronghold, send him along with the Miner, Bats, Skeletons and/or Royal Pack.

PEKKA deck and Royal Ghost

  • Card : Bandit, Royal Ghost, Magic Archer, PEKKA, Electro Wizard, Battle Ram, Shock, and Poison.
  • Average elixir cost : 3.9.
  • Management : This is one of the most widespread and shared decks by content creators. Use the Royal Ghost and PEKKA as a spearhead on the bridges. The rest of the cards, like the Battle Ram, will be used to deal damage. Save the Electro Wizard and Magic Archer for defense.

Mortar Mace, Skeleton Barrel and Goblins

  • Cards : Knight, Musketeer, Goblin Gang, Spear Goblins, Skeleton Barrel, Fireball, The Log, and Mortar.
  • Average elixir cost : 3.1.
  • Management : If you want to play full defensive, this deck is your answer. The idea is to withstand enemy attacks until they exhaust their strength and are defenseless against attacks. Use the Goblin Gang, Spear Goblins and The Log to resist and counterattack with the Mortar with a Knight and Skeleton Barrel. The double elixir is the time to go on the offensive.

These are the five best Clash Royale card decks that I recommend. There are much more. You can check out the website for specific builds and specialized decks for any of the arenas, from Training to Champions. You can also try modifying these five buildings with your own troops.

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