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Suddenly I was asked why SK Telecom is entering the aviation business. But when we think, we don’t seem to have a better business than SK Telecom. I have such confidence.

Ha Min-yeong, SK Telecom CDO, introduced SK Telecom’s UAM vision at the 2022 Busan International Motor Show on the 15th and expressed his aspiration that we will provide integrated services with end-to-ends, not simply acting as a carrier.

By adding the operating control platform capacity to the mobile communication infrastructure, the company plans to expand the service area of SK Telecom to the gas that constitutes UAM from the existing smartphone and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

SK Telecom participated in the exhibition and demonstration project organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in April and November last year, and is preparing to demonstrate the open area in Goheung, Jeonnam next year. In 2024, he plans to demonstrate in the city center. Afterwards, it is expected to be able to complete the commercialization based on the accumulated internal capabilities.

■ We must successfully cooperate with partners… Participation in the flight is in consideration of

SK Telecom was confident that it could lead to differentiation through cooperation with partners. SK Telecom formed a consortium with Hanwha System, Korea Airports Corporation, and Korea Transportation Research Institute in January last year. It also joined hands with T-Map Mobility to strengthen the mobility means service (MAAS) capabilities.

Ha said, In order to successfully proceed with the UAM, the aircraft, traffic management, and takeoff and landing grounds are important. Korea Airports Corporation and Hanwha System are both players who are doing well in the field, so I think they will achieve good results in their fields.

I think that if you combine with the communication experience that has accumulated and the MaaS of T-Map Mobility, you will be able to provide UAM properly, he said. Plan.

Currently, SK Telecom’s UAM consortium does not contain airlines. When asked if there was no aviation service experience, CDO Ha said, It is a great strength that members with a flight experience are in the consortium. It is because of the concerns about whether UAM can only be existing airlines.

We are discussing our own capabilities, and we have plans to secure partners with expertise and experience in the field.

■ SKT, control, platform, communication omnidirectional UAM participation

At the end of last year, SK Telecom launched the UAM Promotion Task Force (TF) directly under the president of Yoo Young-sang, and is conducting research and investment. The team will set up a team directly under the president to quickly make decisions and collaborate with various companies to successfully participate in the demonstration project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Hae CDO said at the UAM consortium, SK Telecom’s role is, We are participating in all directions such as control, platform, and communication, and I think it can incorporate communication-based solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) later. We are working closely with consultants and academia.

Regarding the preparation of the communication network, We are preparing an infrastructure of about 21km to the Aerospace Research Institute to prepare for the demonstration project to be conducted in Goheung. We will use the existing network and build an additional 5G network if it is necessary.


SK Telecom is expected to be used for logistics and medical purposes in the early days of the UAM. Ha said, It is necessary to have a safety verification period that can be fully accommodated by the people. If the UAM is well accepted, it is expected to be able to play a role in transportation in earnest.

Regarding the business model, We have not considered specific measures yet, he said. If the business is settled properly, there will be a variety of new types of services, and there will be a new innovation based on this.