Six titles such as AS DUSK FALLS and Inside appear! Xbox/PC GAME PASS lineup released in late July

On July 18, Microsoft has released a lineup for the second half of July of the Subscription Service Xbox Game Pass / PC Game Pass, which will allow more than 100 target games to play.

In this lineup, the new work ask Falls will be released at the same time as the release of Game Pass, and Watch Dogs 2 and MotoGP 22 Inside ].

New work AS DUSK FALLS supports GAME PASS from the first day of release (released on July 19) (cloud, console, PC)

ask Falls , which appears on July 19, is an ADV that begins with a robbery incident in a small town in Arizona in 1998, and describes betrayal and victim regeneration for 30 years. The hero’s choice has a huge impact on the character’s life. AS DUSK FALLS will also support Xbox Game Pass at the same time as its release.

Watch Dogs 2 (July 19) (Cloud, Console, PC)

Similarly, on July 19, Watch Dogs 2 will also appear. Let’s play an active role as Marcus Hollowei, a young hacker full of talent living in his bay area, a state of cutting-edge technology.

SINS OF A Solar Empire: Rebellion (July 21) (PC)

With awarded award, a standalone RT4X game that combines RTS and 4X will appear on July 21.

MotoGP 22 (July 21) (Cloud, Console, PC)

MOTOGP 22, which posted a special article in GAME*Spark, will appear on July 21. This work can also enjoy more than 120 players, 20 official circuits and official championships in addition to official championships.

TORMENT: Tides of Numenera (July 21) (Cloud, Console)

The TORMENT: Tides of Numenera, a science fiction fantasy that explores the earth in 1 billion years later, is an RPG that explores the ninth world built on the debris of the destroyed advanced civilization. This work, which is a successor to the theme of Planescape: TORMENT, is still loved due to high reputation.

Inside (July 29) (Cloud, Console, PC)

Inside, which was developed by PlayDead Limbo, will appear on July 29. This work has a very high reputation for dark and story-like puzzle actions. The sound of this work is recorded through the actual human skull. (Please be careful when browsing because the link has an image of the skull.)

In addition to these announcements, information is also available on DLC/Game Update of Age of Empires IV, Astroneer: Rails, Minecraft Preview, and Forza Horizo N 5: Hot Wheels.

Finally, the title of the game pass library on July 31 has also been announced.

・ DODGEBALL ACADEMIA (cloud, console, PC)
・ Katamari Damacy Reroll (Cloud, Console, PC)
・ LMINES REMASTERED (cloud, console, PC)

・ OMNO (cloud, console, PC)
・ Raji: An Ancient Epic (Cloud, Console, PC)

For details on how to join Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass that can be used from 850 yen per month, you can check the list of compatible titles here. Click here for how to use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, which allows you to play not only on PCs and game consoles but also with the corresponding speed online line and smartphone or tablet device.