Ark: survival evolved

Kakao Games, Eternal Return, the 55th new character Estel appeared

-Root system large-scale reorganization and characteristic level restriction

-In summer, various events and collaboration cafes open

The 55th new character ‘Estel’ has been unveiled today (22 days) in the PC online survival battle arena , developed by Nim Blue Neuron and serviced by Kakao Games.

‘Estel’ is a veteran firefighter who is willing to protect people in danger and is armed with skills using fire axes and shields.

First of all, passive skills are ‘sense of mission’. He also had a ‘resuscitation’ to restore additional.

In addition, ▲ strengthening the basic attacks of fire-fighting axes and shields and stunning enemies in connection, ▲ ‘pre-response’, which is priced by shields, and ▲ shields to prevent enemy attacks and create protection zones to create nearby allies. ‘Shield Defense’, ▲ ‘Shield’, which rushes forward, causes damage to the enemy, and destroys objects, ▲ When using the shield defense, digestive fluid will cause damage to damage and accumulate vision reduction effect. I have it.

The last skill is ▲ giving you a shield when you use it, and sending a ‘helicopter support’ signal to drop the water bomb to the enemy to reduce the speed and damage, and give it a protective film when used to the allies and fly to the allies by riding a helicopter. It was composed of a helicopter call that deals damage and stunned.

Along with the addition of new characters, the first large reorganization of the root system was applied. The production and search UI are reorganized, and you can choose the recommended characteristics for the route. Due to the reorganization, it is now possible to use all characteristics from level 1, regardless of account level, to support further improved gameplay.

There are also various summer events. ‘NP Double Event’ will be held until the 24th, and it is an event that provides additional amounts of NP used as a game goods during the promotion period. In addition, until the 28th, the Eternal Return Partner Twitch Channel has also been prepared for the ER Partner Secret drops, which allows you to obtain a variety of rewards.

In addition, the Eternal Return Collaboration Cafe will be opened from 23rd to August 8th. The café is held at the Eternal Return Season 6 Summer Summer and Event Prizes. For more information about this promotion, please visit the official website of Eternal Return.

Eternal Return is a game where up to 18 players use various strategic battles to select the last one or one team. Anyone can enjoy it for free through ‘Daum Game’, and if you play the game in the Kakao Games PC room, you can get 50% of the game money with all character free use.