Pokemon GO: New information regarding World Cup

Every so often Dataminer collect brand-new information Zupokémon GO that indicate new content in the future. Currently such a find obviously consists of a fascinating quest.

What kind of leakage is that? The leakage comes from the Pokeminers, who have accurately drawn out info from the video game of the game in the past.

They shared their latest discover in the Pokémon Go-Subreddit Thesilphroad (using Reddit).

There are 3 brand-new quest routes to be seen there. They call themselves:

* gl_branch_quest_drapion
* gl_branch_quest_jellicent
* gl_branch_quest_stunfisk

what sort of brand-new quest?

What could the quest be around? Evidently it is a three-part quest where you need to pick a way. Similar instances are currently understood from the GO.

Drapion, Jellicent and also Stunfisk are the English names of three Pokémon, which are particularly popular in the PvP organization:

  • Piondragi
  • Apoquallype
  • Flunschlik

The photos reveal that it will be galar flunting. This is presently also offered from the research study innovation.

So it makes good sense that the quest relates to the PvP league.

In addition, the acronym GL is in every quest name, which is commonly used in the Pokémon Go context for Great Organization, ie the incredibly league.

When does this quest come? Thus far, absolutely nothing authorities in terms of date has yet been understood, as well as a lot more in-depth web content is still unclear. However, the quest would match two different occasions in August:

  • In Between August 24th and 17th the extremely organization consisting of a fight mug will take place in the PvP
  • On the various other hand, the occasion for the Pokémon World Championships 2022, i.e. the Globe Cup, runs in between August 18 and 23.

If you finish up in the game and possibly bring the Pokémon from the 3 quest paths, this might be a good means to safeguard a good duplicate of the strong PvP beasts.

It is imaginable that this quest is prepared for this duration. Nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that it is simply a leak and also nothing authorities. It is for that reason possible that this content does not show up in the game in an entirely various form or merely.

Are you even more of a follower of Raids? The weekly RAID hrs may be much more for you-such as the famous Pokémon Palkia.

What do you believe? Do you have any kind of usage for a PvP quest or do you prevent the fightiga anyway? Inform us in the comments!

Now such a find evidently includes an intriguing quest. What could the quest be about? Obviously it is a three-part quest where you have to choose a method. ** When does this quest come? The quest would go well with 2 various occasions in August: