Holy Grail RPG Fate/EXTRA Record Future report after a long absence including new video

Type-Moon Studio BB announced the latest information on Fate/EXTRA Record (Fate/Extra Records) on July 31. Fate/EXTRA Record, which was a tentative name, has been decided as an official title. A trailer containing new images is also available as the information is released.

[Update 2022/7/31 18:30]
Fixed the description of the corresponding platform because there was an error in the compatible platform notation described in the media release. The title is also corrected.

Fate/EXTRA RECORD is a full remake version of the PSP software Fate/EXTRA released in July 2010. The original Fate/EXTRA is an RPG depicting the Holy Grail War of the moon. The stage of this work is a world where the quantum computer Moon Cele Automaton exists on the moon. The Moon Cell has a function to fulfill all wishes, and the fight by quantum hackers (wizards) who bet on the right to use.

The protagonist of this work is a mysterious boy or a girl with amnesia. The protagonist calls a servant without knowing it, and is involved in the life-threatening Holy Grail War, which is implemented in the Reiko Fiction World SE.RA.PH. Wizards and servants fighting for life. A bond with the servant deepening through the battle. The mystery of the hero himself. The battle in SE.RA.PH around the Holy Grail of the moon is depicted. In addition, although the characters with the same name appear as the characters of Fate/stay night such as Rin Tosaka and Shinji Makiri, this work is all different. The view of the world was very different, and a new story was being developed, using Fate/stay night as a part of Fate/stay night.

This work Fate/EXTRA RECORD is a full remake version of Fate/EXTRA. Type-Moon Studio BB announced on the 10th anniversary of Fate/EXTRA in July 2020. So far, deck-built battle systems have been adopted and evolved 3D graphics have been revealed. The published Fate/EXTRA Record Trailer 2022 also includes new images, and Rani, Leo, and Fate/Grand Order are familiar with green archers. In Fate/EXTRA RECORD, you can expect the world of Fate/EXTRA drawn with 3D graphics like anime.

Also, this announcement does not mention the release time. According to a tweet by Kazuya Shinno, who is a planning/producer in Fate/EXTRA and directed in Fate/EXTRA RECORD, has been opened for about one year during the development period due to changes in the development environment and partner companies. It is said that it has been d1. Although the development is progressing, it is likely to wait for a while until the release of this work.

Fate/EXTRA Record is currently under development. The teaser site has been updated according to the announcement.