Prey is the best movie in the Predator Series

The first Predator represents for many of the milestones of barracks, whose witty satire satire about the dangers of Över’s masculinity and imperialism. Over the decades, an outer space trapen hunter has been seen in worse sequels than each other, each of which seems to have lost the connection to the original subtitle. On Friday, Prey, who arrives at the Disney+streaming service, is the first one to say something to say. It may also be the best movie in the series.

dancing with hunters

Prey dates back to 1719, when the life of the Commanche people was completely revolutionized when the newcomers invited themselves to the new continent to hunt and rob everything they got. Summer is approaching and the string, a clever but inexperienced young warrior, feels that the season brings with it the opportunity to rise to other hunters’ caste like their brother. Ordinary excursions nearby turns as the string finds signs of an outside hunter who really doesn’t come from the community.

A small plot arrangement is quickly stacked. Something hunts both the string and his tribe, and it will not give up until the strongest warrior is killed. The next one and a half hours is a refreshingly well-balanced blend of slow-paced saming and high-flying violence. Although the director Dan Trachtenberg is not the original Predator director John McTiernan -level activity, his skills shine in atmospheric ambush and the braid of horror elements to the core of the growth story.

Indeed, Prey, which borrows its structure from development novels, is at its best when it dares to let the iconic monster stay away from the screen. The other sequels rushed more rapidly to introduce their version of the ugliest of the galaxy, which only ate the mysticism of the invisible rut. Even though this time is not talked about for any long time before the first big revelation, Prey still holds a full-body scatter to tear its predecessors better.

wilderness eating a man

Prey is basically a one-person show, and starring Amber Midthunder to live up to high expectations. The series, like the world, has changed radically since the original movie’s time, and the Midthunder’s string has not much in common with Dutch, a Arnold Schwarzenegger . Great yes, Prey also does not try to compare the characters in any way. The only direct reference to the film to the original is heard from the mouth of another character, and even then it arouses benevolent hustle and bustle. Nowadays, when all films have to be in contact with each other, it would have been much worse.

Fortunately, Preyn similarities to McTiernan’s original are deeper than daring to hope. Where the Barracks Management Star used his power to criticize the US violent imperialism, Prey comparable to the unholy acts of an external killing machine to the inhonic acts of colonialists. In a stopping scene, the string finds itself in the middle of the expansion, whose idyll is drowned in the blood of killed bison. The animals have been murdered due to their skins, but everything else is left to rotten. This is also done by Predator, which only holds skulls in the collection. This may not be the most poetic symbol, but the genre movie has been suffering so long in superficiality that even a small nuance looks like a rainbow.

But even though Trachtenberg’s control is subtle, the film’s script still cannot completely break away from repetitive clichés, where indigenous peoples are basically presented as mystery. Thus, French hunters are also brutal caricatures, which in itself eats power from real horrors. Human monsters do not need a highlight to be scary.

fire and killer

But basically Prey has only one purpose, that is, entertains. That’s where it succeeds. Nowadays, it is rare to run into a one and a half hour operation, but that’s exactly the Prey. Effectively, the minimalist manuscript gives just enough chewing so that its worse bumps do not have time to overwhelm. There is an appropriate amount of activity and with a couple of clumsy computer effects, everything looks and feels concrete and genuine. Trachtenberg and his team understand what they are investing in and what is irrelevant.


There is also a version of the film about the film, which was filmed in addition to a more traditional release for the mainstream. Unfortunately, this could not be seen in advance, but at the level of thought it is a much more interesting version.

Regardless of which, in the end, decides to look, one thing is clear. Prey is the only good sequel to the nearly forty series. In some places it is even better than the original.

What a nice surprise.

Prey_ will be published on Disney+Streaming Service 5.8.2022.