This free attack on titan game made by a fan cause sensation: accumulates millions of downloads

Attack on Titan is one of the manga/anime that has marked the industry forever. of people around the world. Without spoilear, the work of Hajime Isayama ** follows the adventures of the young Eren Jaeger, in a world in which the Titans (terrifying creatures) reign and make humans spend a hard time.

To defend themselves, humans have with three-dimensional equipment , which allow them to fly through the air (provided they have a point of support), thus going to cut the vital point of the Titans, their neck. Air trips and the fight against the Titans seem very fun, so it is obvious that Eren’s adventures are adapting to a video game. There are more or less licensed games, but the one that will interest us today is a fan production, which has turned the world around and has been downloaded not thousands, but millions of times!

Go hunting for Titans!

It all started when Swammy, a developer in his free time and passionate about the Attack On Titan license, created a game around his favorite anime. Convinced by his girlfriend to publish a fragment of the game, published a short video on Tiktok , detailing his project. The manga players and fans were lit, and it was like Swammy decided to develop a demo from their project, which allowed players freedom of movement.

Swammy’s project has turned the world , and his videos have been seen thousands of times. So much so that the free game already has more than 10 million downloads , and its developer wants to work in an improved version of the project, which would be developed using Unreal Engine 5,

The game, if we take into account that it was developed by a single person, is already a real video game jewel and the flight between buildings (and titans) is more than pleasant. It is important to keep in mind that, although the versions are available for both PC and Android , it is the PC version that is in the center of the developer’s efforts. With the Android version now in itsfinal version _, after the harassment and constant threats received by Swammy to stop the project.

If you want to start an adventure next to the exploration battalion, you can download the Swammy game right here!