League of legends

Lol: Riot surprises the community with the new most intersitative skins that will arrive this season

In an afternoon in which Riot Games wanted to gut the future of League of Legends with ads about the next champions or ReWorks, the company found the perfect moment for an equally exciting announcement. After more than half a year of waiting, the developers have revealed the aspect that the skins chosen by the community will have at the beginning of the season. A reimagined Gothic universe that will arrive under the name of fear night and has managed to surprise all players very positively.

Thus are the spectacular skins fear night

Although the new cosmetics are not yet complete, the conceptual artists of Riot Games have already finished their part. This means that the time has come to, perhaps with shy changes, work to introduce cosmetics in the game. In fact, the developer feels so confident about the final result that she has decided show us the first version of how the new skins will see. In total they have shown five cosmetics. You can see the first illustrating this same entrance and the next four below.


Although Riot Games has not confirmed the launch date of the new SKINS Night of Fear, the developer has always complied with the cosmetics voted in the community causing them to premiere in the same calendar year in which they were chosen. In this way, everything indicates that the thematic line will be launched before the end of season 12 . Of course we cannot fail to presuppose (or at least desire) that this year take over to the cosmetic family haunted as launches for Halloween.

With all the news announced, it only remains to wait for weeks to see how the ads made by Riot Games begin to crystallize. Although there will be a small break in the novelties after the launch of the UDYR .