Escape from tarkov

The most profitable items in Escape from Tarkov

In such a potentially inexorable game as escape from Tarkov , spending each ruble to increase the chances of survival, it is necessary. Thus, the presence of as many money as possible is the key to success. The Farming of Bitcoins in the game is certainly one of the ways, but objects are a great way to do this. Items will be divided into areas in which they can be created, offering to see which subject is the most profitable for this area.


The best items to receive money in Escape from Tarkov

water collector

For those who were lucky to own a level of the 3rd level, Superoter is the most profitable point for this area. Although the manufacture takes several hours, the profit from one of these items is huge, not to mention the fact that you continue to stamp them over time. A superwater is a very popular item that offers many positive effects to the player who drinks it, which significantly accelerates the run. If you have a level 3, make sure that its water filter has 66 HP or higher to create a supervod.

Drinking generator

Continuing Superwater, the drink generator can turn already a profitable item into moonshine , an even more exclusive and expensive item. Although manufacturing also takes several hours, only two sugar and one Superwater can create an item that will bring huge profit. Offering the removal pain as well as radiation effect and some other positive effects make this subject the desired for many players.

medical center

Starting with the Mediation, the most profitable item is SJ6. Although he has disadvantages, SJ6 is desired due to its incredible increase in basic endurance and recovery speed. To create two SJ6, you will need one SJ1 two honey and one nacl . The item has a fairly short manufacturing time, which allows you to quickly make a profit. Sliding them in the market, you will quickly get excess money, especially since the recipe creates two at once.

Power Supply

For the food department, condensed milk is a great winner. Only one milk and one sugar are required to create three items, condensed milk has a short manufacturing time, which allows you to spam it on the market if you have the necessary materials. The popularity of the subject is due to many positive effects that give players 75 energy three intelligence three attention and three stress resistance .

The case of a wild

It is more difficult to determine a wild case due to the accidental nature of the objects that he generates, but the use of moonshine seems to be the best choice for the purpose of making a profit. However, because of its accident, profit will still be difficult to calculate.

Intel Center

For Intel, flash drive this is the way for both time and profit. You can create three flash drives at once using one gphone one gpx and one ssd . Unfortunately, to complete this craft, it takes more than thirty hours, but, in the end, you will get a huge profit for each stack you created. Instead of giving bonuses to characteristics, you can use a USB flash drive to create more important and rare objects.


Although the workbench has a tendency to change often in terms of the most profitable items, printed circuit boards have always been running goods. A sporty incredibly short manufacturing time is a little more than half an hour and requires one f SKDR. and one DVD The creation of two printed boards simultaneously quickly makes a profit. You can also use one ordinary screwdriver and one gas analyzer to create two printed circuit boards, but this takes a little longer than another method. Like a flash drive, they can be used to create more rare and expensive items.


And the last, but no less important is a small wild room, a restroom, and the best way to make a profit in this area is with ripstop fabric. Three wild vests can turn into two piles of the ripstope in a little more than half an hour, which provides fast profit. In addition, you can trade fisles K jager for wild vests, which allows you to quickly and easily get materials for the ripstop. The ripstop is popular due to the fact that the best armor, backpacks and other extremely useful objects are made from it.

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