[Indie Language] Ogu and Secret Forest

The story of ‘Adventure of Children’, which can be seen soon in the movie or Disney movies, has been popular with wide age groups. This is because the story of holding hands with a friend to overcome adversity and achieving the purpose is to give dreams and hopes for young children of Knight, similar to the protagonist, and forgotten memories and rest for adults.

Today’s Ogu and Secret Forest also deals with this story. The protagonist is the ‘Baby Ogu’ who loves adventure, and the main point is to reclaim the peace of the secret forest by fighting against the garbage monsters in the secret forest. However, it is also true that the characters are attracting attention to the character rather than game performance because the appearance of a character that is famous for messenger emoticons and cartoons.

But when you listen to the story, you will be more eye-catching than the character. When asked what indie game is, Moon Lab Studio CEO Moon Jong-bum said, To make a game that you want to make without being swung by someone.. Both representatives seemed filled with the will not to lean on the character.

So why did you meet the ‘Baby Ogu’ character IP and indie game? What kind of game is the Ogu and Secret Forest that the character IP and Indie Game developers met? Game Mecca talked with Moon Lab Studio, CEO of Moon Lab Studio, and Sync Hol Studio Kwon Joong-kyu.

Powerful adventure of baby Ogu, Ogu and Secret Forest

The game begins with the discovery of the first black bird that Baby Ogu, who loves adventure, first sees. Following the bird that runs away as if you were calling yourself, finding a hidden door that you have never seen before, and the adventure you meet over it is the main goal.

In the process, you can explore about 200 maps, and the maps each form a total of six regions: ‘Sun’s Village, Moon Village, Desert Zone, Snow Village, Port Village, and Secret Forest.’ The two studios directly draw all the backgrounds to create a natural and complete world, and consisted of a cute and cute 2D image that can make use of the character’s beauty. It also provides fun to collect and solve the mystery that needs to be inferred by reading a puzzle such as stone push, sculpture puzzles, and color matching, to stories and myths.

These wide maps are not used as a space for simple battles and puzzles. You can find the Maltese signs in the beautiful places that the painter Maltese has shown around the world, and draw a picture diary, revealing the map of the veil, and finding an invisible hint.

Monsters made of garbage and dirt facing in the process of adventure were created in the direction to avoid the enemy monster design that is common and to make our own monsters. Mr. Moon said that the dirt and garbage that we are forced to live in and for survival are interested in the process of threatening us again and designed as a major monster in the game.

I avoid games we don’t do

As such, ‘Ogu and Secret Forest’ paid much attention to the nature of the game. Not only the charm of the IP, but also to see the map faithfully to the essence of adventure games, look around, and seek fun.

Moon Lab Studio, which created ‘Ogu and Secret Forest’, is a company that creates various contents centered on ‘Ogu’ characters, and Sink Hol Studio is a three-minute hero and a ‘1897 korea’. It is a small developer of a three-person configuration. In addition to the music in charge of music, GIMGI is added, and a total of five people are struggling to make Ogu and secret forests.

What is the reason for the popular character IP and adventure games? This began with the company’s essential issue, business. While Moon was thinking about diversifying the character business, he began to share his concerns with Kwon, who had been a friend since high school, and said, Why don’t you make a game? The two representatives’ usual interests were similar.

At first, Ogu characters were popular on emoticons, so they considered mobile game models. But both representatives enjoyed Steam and Nintendo games rather than mobile games, so they decided to avoid making games that we usually do.

Baby Ogu was also made of motifs for adventurous children, so adventure was also the genre that could best capture the adventure of Baby Ogu. Kwon was also interested in mystery, puzzles, and map production, and he was interested in creating a worldview while enjoying various adventures and RPG games. All of these factors met and the game began to be developed under the goal of Let’s make a game that we can enjoy.

Moon said, The game is an original story and planning content, so Baby Ogu is the main character, but ‘Ogu and Secret Forest’ is not a game to make the character stand out. On the contrary, I think that the character played a role in making the game stand out.

Focus on games rather than IP, and the fun of the game

Mr. Moon said, I think it’s harder to focus on the game itself than the character IP called Ogura. I think it’s a lot. In addition, Baby Ogu is the main character, so the game’s target seems to be confused as a child.


At present, Ogu and Secret Forests have successfully completed crowdfunding. In addition, the demo version was released on Steam, allowing you to check that it is a game that anyone can enjoy. Thanks to the success of the funding and the high-end demo, the company also participated in the Busan Indian Neck Festival 2022, which will begin on the 1st, and will unveil the demonstration that is richer than the steam demo version.

In addition, ‘Ogu and Secret Forest’ is a good game of planning and development, and there are many areas and puzzles that have the concepts that are not covered in the main story, and DLC is considered after the official launch. If he develops a sequel rather than a DLC, he said that he will develop a healing game that can be enjoyed with a different game.

At the end of the interview, Moon said, The 2D adventure game is a game where many people have fun and have friendly nostalgia, but the number is smaller than other genres. The reason is that ‘adventure’ is important because of the characteristics of adventure genre, which requires a lot of assets such as images, animations and sound. We produce all the character designs, animations and objects in the game, and are planning to fit the game well with sound and background music. I hope many people have fun as much as both MoonLab Studio and Sink Hol Studio have been made. I support two friends’ games to be a wonderful adventure for someone.