Jerry-Yumi Counter Success, 2022 LCK Summer 2 set Zenji Win

It was much harder and more agile than one set. On the 28th, in the second set of 2022 LCK Summer Season Finals held in Gangneung, Zenji took the match in the middle of the 20th and achieved a match point.

The T1, who was defeated in the previous set, once again picked the Blue Side. T1 first picked Yumi using Blue Side’s benefits, and then picked Jerry and heralded revenge. Zenji, as everyone expected, chose Shinjid, Yumi’s counter and Son Si-woo’s signature pick with Nila. As a result, Zenji constituted a rush combination and the T1 constituted a combination.


In the beginning, the peculiar gang of Han Wang-ho was shining. In order to press the Chobi Jung Ji-hoon’s Silus, the Mid Renekton taken by the T1 was taken by Peanut Han Wang-ho of three reps. Afterwards, Peanut Han Wang-ho continued to squeeze the mid-renekone by squeezing the mid-term lines. The initiative here also affected the bottom. As soon as Zenji’s Sejuana headed to the bottom, Jerry and Yumi were all ganged and lying down.

The game has already leaned a lot towards Zenji at this point. Zenji players, who took the lead in all the lines, traveled around the map, and continued to cut the enemy Renekton and Nar. It was inevitable T1, but Zenji continued to roll the game without paying time with a tight operation. The second messenger was pushed to the second round, hitting the suppressor tower, and the addition of the Zeus Choi’s Narge, which is pushing the bottom first. The T1 was in a position to make Zenji’s mistake before Baron came out.

But Zenji did not make a mistake. In the middle of the T1’s cooperation, the Peanut Han Wang-ho was caught, and there was also an exchange between Renekton and Atrox, but Jenji pushed the game more terribly. Later, Jung Ji-hoon, a Chobi Jung Ji-hoon, who took the palace of Nar in Hanta in front of Baron, showed a tremendous initiation of initia, and won the match match point by destroying the enemy Nexus.