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Is House Greyjoy in House of the Dragon?

The book of books of Games of Thrones by George RR Martin presents numerous noble houses, both small and large, humble vassals and large houses. House of the Dragon changes march by focusing his attention on House Targaryen and his bloody story, when the Targaryen were in the apogee of their power. Some recognizable names appear, such as Stark and Lannister, but is House Grayjoy in House of the Dragon too?

Avex: The next section contains possible House of the Dragon spoilers and the original material, Fire & Blood.

Are House Grayjoy in House of the Dragon?

No, the Grayjoy house is not in Dragon House But it is not outside the field of possibility. While House of the Dragon focuses mainly on the Targaryen house and internal struggles Family members, some notable characters of the other big houses appear and have minor but important roles, including the Grayjoy house.

It is during the Dragons dance that the Grayjoy house, directed by Dalton Grayjoy, joins forces with Rhaenyra Targaryen to paralyze Aegon II. Since season 1 of House of the Dragon only covers the events before Dance of the Dragons, that means, and this is just speculation, that the first appearance of House Grayjoy could be season 2.

Again, House Grayjoy is not in House of the Dragon , but that could change as the season progresses. To get more information about House of the Dragon, read who Crabfeeder, the pirate mentioned in episode 2 of season 1. Then, discover who has died so far in House of the Dragon.

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