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The MMORPG DRAGON SAGA SE (re) introduced in Europe


The (old) MMORPG players might remember Dragonica , which existed when it was launched in 2009 as one of the very first MMO of action-thanks to an especially dynamic gameplay for the time. For a couple of years, the game was made use of in Europe, first by Gala Networks Europe then Webzen Dublin , before being occupied by Gravity in 2014 under the title Dragon Saga . The European variation after that closed its doors and just the North American version of the MMO continued to be.

8 years later on, the very same Interactive Gravity seems to find the old continent and also reveals the opening of two servers for European players-the video game is dispersed from its main web site (which has obviously not altered a lot since 2014) as well as using Vapor, still in free-to-play.

Given that 2014, the video game has actually been the subject of a few updates. Using news release, the studio underscores the newest, which raises specifically the degree of difficulty of top-levelemployers(which causes damage pertaining to the components, compeling players to show a little more approach). Notice to classic and also curious.