Remi quests in the Drimlinite Disney Valley

Disney Dream light Valley offers many characters from the Disney universe, including charming Rem. Does the name sound familiar? Yes! Remi is the chef of the Ratty restaurant. This leadership will lead you through the line of Remi quests in Disney Dream light Valley.

how to unlock Remi

The kingdom of Ratty is a home for Rem. Here’s how to get there: first, go into the dream castle and open the kingdom of Ratty. Next, select Restaurant with an excellent small chef.

There you unlock Remy and get access to the opportunity to visit Remi restaurant and start its quest line.

Quests Remi in the Dilute Disney Valley

In Disney Dream light Valley, Remi quests mainly revolve around cooking and other things, which is not surprising, given that it is in this Remi that succeeds.

Here is a list of quests associated with Remi in Disney Dream light Valley.

  • The transformation of the restaurant
  • Important night in a restaurant
  • Book of recipes Remi

Restaurant Transfiguration

In this quest you will meet Remi near the restaurant. Talk to him, and he will open a restaurant and go inside. Once inside, talk again with Remy.

This time Remi will ask you to buy a set of furniture from Screwy Mack. A set of furniture can be purchased for 2000 Coins in the SCROOGE CHUCK store. Buy a kit and return to Remi.

Now Remy will instruct you to find the following ingredients.

  • Oregano X10
  • Carrots X15
  • Raspberry X15
  • Wheat X25

When you have the aforementioned ingredients, return to Remi to a restaurant, this step will help you officially open a restaurant for work. At this moment, go into the restaurant and talk with Remy for the last time to complete the quest.

An important night in a restaurant

This is the second quest associated with Remy. In this quest, Remy will instruct you to wash the dishes.

This is a simple task, and it can be completed by watering the dishes with a watering can.

As soon as you finish washing a total of three baths with dishes, return to Remy. Now he will ask you to cook something. To begin with, you can take a rainbow trout from the shelf at the far end of the room.

Prepare it separately or with any food and show Remi. He will ask you to repeat the same fruit process. So, you can take an apple from the shelf and cook it, and then show Remi.

After that, you will need to cook lunch from 3 dishes. To begin with, you choose between a hearty salad or puff pepper.

It is recommended to select a layer of layer with bell pepper, as it is easy to cook and only the following is required.

  • Bulgarian pepper
  • Cheese
  • Egg

As soon as the appetizer is ready, hand it over and proceed to the main dish. Here you can choose between Margarita pizza or a vegetable casserole. It is better to go to Margarita pizza.

It requires the following ingredients and should not be difficult to prepare.

  • Wheat
  • Tomato
  • Cheese
  • Any spice

When the dish is ready, show it Remi and go to the desert. Two options are also available for the desert: a banana pie or apple pie. You must adhere to a banana pie, this requires the following

  • Oil
  • Wheat
  • Banana

As soon as you finish with the desert, show it Remi, and you will receive an order for the Ranch salad, which requires the following items.

  • Brass
  • Tomatoes
  • Corn
  • Bulgarian pepper
  • Onion

When the Ranch salad will be ready, put it on the serving hatch and return to Remy to cook Status.

  • Tomato
  • Eggplant
  • Trekking
  • Onion
  • Any spice

When Ratty is ready, place it in the serving hatch and talk to Rem. This time he will agree to join you in your village. Now you must return to the village and build a house for him.

The house requires you to pay 2000-Star Coins at the sign of the construction of Screwy Mack.

Remi will arrive in the village as soon as the house is completed. Talk to him for the last time to complete the quest.

Book of Relay Recipes

In the third quest, you will meet the depressed Rem, who is afraid to forget most of his recipes. You must help him find three of his books of recipes.

To find out where there are books with recipes, talk with Mickey, which will give you a list of recipes. The list will include the location of all three recipes.

Here is the location of all three recipes

Book of recipes # 1

Near the main staircase leading down to Dazzle Beach.

Book of recipes # 2

At the penultimate level of the mystical cave Dazzle Beach.

Book of recipes No. 3

Next to the Huffy counter on the Basal beach.

Return to REMA when you finish collecting books. Now he will need your help to find the peanuts that he needs to finish the dish he is preparing.

Ara chis can be found in the kitchen in the kingdom of Ratty. So, come back, take peanuts and return to Remy.

When you return with peanuts, Remi will give you recipes for a sandwich with peanut oil and arch oil waffles.

To study them, you must use both recipes in your inventory.
After that, go to the stove and make two sandwiches with peanut oil;
Since this is a simpler of two recipes.
Return to Remi with sandwiches and talk to it to complete the quest.