Different from the original, Near: Automata Annie comes out in January next year

On the 24th, the new information of Near: Stomata was revealed through the Zanaflex Online Fest. This is the first information released after the announcement of the 5th Anniversary Event, which was released in February.

Near: Automata Animation, which was confirmed in January 2023, is the official title of ‘Near: Automata Very 1.1a’. The production is in charge of Zanaflex’s subsidiary A1-Pictures, and the director is Masada Rama Yogi and the character design as Sakai Jun. The voice actors of 2B, 9S, Ford 042, and Ford 153 in the animation are all the same as the original.

Near: Automata Very 1.1A said that the main director Yoko Taro said that the animation story was different from the original, and through his Twitter, I submitted the overview of the first episode with a completely different use from the game. I’m glad that I was glad.

Meanwhile, according to the Any flux Online Fest, the character PV will be released from October.

Near: Automata Very 1.1A aircraft, domestic airing, and Was are not known at present.