Blade and soul

Delivered on November 4th at STEAM, etc. Steam, etc. Death affected by Bushido Blade

Publisher Wales announced on September 22 that the fighting game Die by the Blade will be distributed on November 3. The compatible platform is PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, and the Steam version is distributed on November 4 due to time difference in Japan. It has also been revealed that the NBA 2K nintendo switch version will be released in 2023.

Die by the Blade is a fighting game with a world view of Samurai Punk, which combines traditional samurai culture and cyberpunk elements. Developed by Slovakia’s developer Triple Hill Interactive and Lake Juno, indie developer. In this work, a story-led single play mode, a local online match mode, and a practice mode and tournament mode will be provided.

There is a system that does not have a physical strength gauge in this work and decides the game with a single blow. At the time of the announcement in 2020, it was explained that it was influenced by Bushido Blade (related article). In order to be determined in an instant, you will be able to grasp the combo for each weapon, sharpen the reflected nerve, parry and avoid attacks, and explore the gaps of the attack.


The battle style is determined by the weapon used. There are swords, wild swords, paginate, etc., and there are also two-sword weapons. For example, a large sword that handles both hands can make a powerful attack instead of sacrificing speed. The characters used do not affect the battle style, so they choose their favorite characters and combine them with weapons. In addition, a character customization function will be prepared.

More than 15 types of stage appear. The landscape of Japan is eye-catching, such as in a dojo or old towns cape, temples and fields where tor ii is standing. It seems that modern environments such as the city corner of the city where neon shines is also recorded.

Die by the Blade is being developed for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The PC version will be distributed in Japan on November 4th. Inside the game supports Japanese display. The Nintendo switch/version will be released in 2023.