FUT 23 market hits ROCK BOTTOM as players cant even provide away CR7

The 2022 Qatar World Cup has actually taken control of FIFA 23 and gamers are enjoying the vast quantity of content that has shown up in Ultimate Group.


This year, it seems the Ultimate Group market has dropped to a brand-new low and even earlier than we might have expected…

Nevertheless, with every new promotion comes an increase of packs and a fall in the value of all cards on the FUT 23 transfer market.

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A new low

Ronaldo is currently being listed at his minimum buy-now cost of 160,000 coins by numerous players.

When you look at one of the highest-rated and finest gamers in the entire game-Cristiano Ronaldo, the existing state of the transfer market is epitomized.

Nevertheless, CR7’s price on the PlayStation and Xbox market has actually hit a brand-new low.

The Portugal, Manchester United and Real Madrid legend is certainly among the most effective players in FUT 23, boasting 92 shooting and luxury ability moves.

This suggests that Ultimate Group gamers can not even provide Cristiano Ronaldo away if they try!

This asks the question-what’s the point in grinding difficult in FUT Champions in an attempt to load a beast card like Ronaldo, just to discover out that you can not even sell him for his minimum price?

No more fun

Packing one of these top-tier cards was nothing more than a distant dream for nearly the whole of the FUT neighborhood.


It simply takes the enjoyable out of the game.

On the one hand, this could be viewed as a positive thing as more players across the globe are thrilled when they see one of the Goats leave onto their screen.

With so few cards holding any significant worth, the enjoyment of pulling one of these items is substantially reduced.

On the flip side, nevertheless, upping the pack weight for the leading cards in the game devalues packing what used to be a high-value item.

For several years the similarity Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar were the absolute pinnacle of FIFA Ultimate Group.

In recent times EA has actually likewise modified the pack weight to make loading a Ronaldo or Messi more likely for everyone.

Last men standing

To restate just how far the FUT 23 transfer market has plunged, we’re taking an appearance at the most expensive Gold Rare Items in the video game.

There are presently just 7, yes SEVEN Uncommon Gold cards that are valued above 100,00 coins on the PlayStation and Xbox market.

The front 3 of Paris Saint-Germain are all up there along with the Liverpool duo of Virgil van Disk and Mohamed Salah.

Given we are only a number of months into the game cycle this is absolutely shocking.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s value is somewhat deceptive offered nobody desires to purchase him for that rate, whilst Vinicius Junior just sneaks in above the 100k mark.