Is the connecting cable in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

One of the best features of any game about Pokémon, especially in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, is the opportunity to exchange Pokémon with friends. Once upon a time you needed what was called a connecting cable to trade with friends. It was literally a cable that you connected from one console to another in order to be able to send Pokémon to your friend’s game cartridge. Despite the fact that the connecting cable was the subject in Pokemon Legends, Tarsus used it for trade and development, it will no longer be needed! In the latest part of the popular franchise, you can trade with friends in two ways.

How do you sell red and purple Pokémon?

You can trade Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in two ways:

  • Trade link
    1. You can start Link Trade by opening the main menu and choosing the Poke Portal option.
  • If you trade with a friend in autonomous mode, continue. If not, press the L button for connecting to the Internet.
  • Here you can select the Link Trade option, and then + button set the link code.
  • Choose an option to start the search. When your friends are associated with you, they need to enter your unique link code to continue.


  • Surprise trade
    1. You can start Surprise Trade by opening the main menu and choosing the Poke Portal option.
  • At this stage, you automatically connect to the Internet if you have not done this yet.
  • Then you will be invited to choose with which Pokémon you want to leave.
  • After that, the search for a trading partner will begin. When it is found, a green checkmark will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. You can always cancel a sudden deal by returning to the window of an unexpected deal.

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