How to cook a blueberry pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Disney Dream light Valley is a magical life simulator in which you can interact with one of the best Disney characters and even more interesting future characters. You can create objects, decorate your house and even cook special dishes in the style of Disney, necessary for your stay in the valley. You can prepare all types of delicious treats, recipes from one to five stars that can increase your energy or friendship, including this recipe for a pie with blueberries. That’s how!

Recipe for the blueberry pie in Dream light Valley

There are many baking options in the Dream light Valley, from large cakes to cores with ice cream. Pies, perhaps, are one of the simplest sweet options, because very few ingredients are required to prepare them, but they still cost efforts to increase their energy. This blueberry pie with three stars can restore up to 1227 energy when eating, or you can sell it in any of the GUI counters for 308-star coins. You can also give this to any of the characters in the valley to strengthen friendship with them, especially if this is their favorite gift of the day. That’s all you need to cook it:

  • Blueberries x1
  • Wheat x1
  • Oil x1

where to get the ingredients for the blueberry pie in the Drimlinite Valley

The collection of ingredients for the blueberry pie should be very simple, since you will need only three simple items. If you do not have them at hand yet, you can find them in easily accessible places to purchase them in an instant. In addition, you do not have to spend a lot of Star Coins, except for oil. Here you can find all the necessary products:

  • Blueberries: Forest of Valor and Dazzle Beach collected
  • Wheat: peaceful meadow, bought in the Hugh counter for 3 coins of stars (1 coin of stars per seeds)
  • Oil: Chen Remy, bought in Remus Pantry for 190-Star Coins.

When you have all the ingredients, mix them at any culinary station to prepare this three-star dish. As soon as it appears in your recipes’ collection, it will be much easier for you to cook it again in the future.

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