How to see Spotify wrapped again

Spotify Wrapped has returned again to show all their musical tendencies by 2022. There have been mass releases this year, and this is the best time to show that you contributed to the large number of reproductions. Those who have already seen yours may want to see it again. Here is how to check your Spotify Wrapped.

How to see Spotify wrapped again

If you have already seen your slide presentation wrapped in Spotify and would like to see it again, you can do it easily.

  • Load the Spotify application on your phone/tablet.

Slide presentation is not available through the Spotify website.

  • Navigate to the search tab.


  • Without writing anything, there should be a Spotify Wrapped button.

Press it, and you can enjoy its submission of slides wrapped in Spotify 2022 again.

If I didn’t know, Spotify Wrapped does not include all 2022. Since we are only at the end of November, it obviously can’t. Instead, Spotify Wrapped data is collected since January 1. From October 1 to 31. While this seems a bit soon, it makes sense, since it is unlikely that the 10-month data trend in just two.

This is all you need to know how to review your Spotify Wrapped. As for Spotify, if you enjoyed music in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy, you can find it in the service. Yes, it includes the excellent cover of Kevin Bacon of here is Christmastime. Spotify also has the Black Panther soundtrack: Wakanda Forever, so if you are humorous for Marvel music, it is the right place.

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