CS: GO: Creator of Map Mirage calls pro players of lazy and disinterested

Swedish Michel Hull, creator of MAPA Mirage, spared no criticism of the CS: GO players, who in his opinion are lazy disinterested because they are always asking for the return of the same maps and complain of any news that are implemented in the game.


I’m tired of these CS: GO players. You have played the same damn maps for 20 years and now that you have a chance to play something new the only thing you want to see is added is train, cache or Tuscan, because you are very lazy and disinterested in learning something new, she detonated the Level Designer, who currently works at Machine Games, responsible for the Wallenstein franchise.

Shortly after posting, Hull took screen captures if a series of Player Nike posts from G2 Esports, where Pro Player Bosnia criticized the addition of the Anubis map, which replaces Dust 2 for Nike, maps like Tuscan, Cache or Cobblestone would be better options than Anubis, and the G2 star was criticized by Hull.

See this, how an opinion can change quickly. If they could be a little more positive from the beginning, he said.