Fallout 76 Hold-ups Update That Eliminates Illegal Weapons

The Nuka-World on Tour update discussed in the Within the Vault post will start another series of events and benefits for players to aim for with the turn of the season. In addition to those seasonal occasions, we also recently got a new neighborhood calendar for Fallout 76 which basically relates to a roadmap of events. You can check that out here to see what’s originating from now up until the start of April 2023, though as constantly, things on that calendar might always change.

Players who tried Nuka-World on Trip while it was on the Public Test Server know that we initially prepared to launch a brand-new system that fights illegal attachment combinations to weapons that violate the EULA. We require a bit more time to execute this than originally predicted, and as a result we will not be releasing this system with the Nuka-World on Tour upgrade on Tuesday. As we continue to work on it, we will keep you as much as date on its arrival in a future Inside the Vault.

Fallout 76 players were notified just recently of an update prepared for the video game that would remove what Bethesda deemed illegal weapons and weapon attachment mixes. Gamers have been discovering ways to affix their weapons with attachment combinations not formally supported by the video game, and given the multiplayer nature of Fallout 76, it’s simple to see how doing so might supply players with an unfair benefit. To correct that, Bethesda is still preparing on launching an upgrade that’ll crack down on this issue, but that update has been delayed.


Bethesda announced the plans to postpone this update in a current Inside the Vault post about the subject. The upgrade, after being checked within the games Public Test Server, was indicated to be released on Tuesday alongside the start of the Nuka-World on Tour season, BTU that will not be happening any longer.

The upgrade’s still on the way, but it’s not ready simply. That’s excellent news for those who get just a bit longer with their illicit weapon creations, but the illegal weapon attachment mixes are still being removed eventually.