The Game Awards 2022 According to Keighley, with less large video games than in previous years

In the The Video Game Awards-Behind the Scenes manufacturer, moderator and podcast Geoff Kafka as soon as again went to this year’s branch of The Video game Awards and, on the one hand, remedied the variety of titles that are to be presented this year. After talking about more than 50 discussions so far, Kafka now mentions 30 to 40 games, to which new content is revealed.

Including a number of brand-new announcements, the concept of which will occur both in the kind of CGI trailers and with gameplay videos.

With the Game Awards 2022, the last huge event of the computer game year 2022 will happen this week, on which not only the very best games of the year are chosen.

Kafka of the occasion encouraged

Despite the fact that we need to prepare for the Game Awards 2022 that fewer large games are presented than in previous years, Kafka is likewise encouraged of this year’s event and promises us an exciting show. Due to the community feedback, the makers in 2022 decided to minimize the regard to the event a little and to count on a total crisper experience.


This year feels good, included Kafka. We have thousands of fans back with us, an actually strong line-up of announcements and content and in general a good program. I haven’t felt so excellent at a program for a long time.

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This year feels good, added Kafka. We have thousands of fans back with us, a really strong line-up of announcements and material and overall a good program. I have not felt so great at a show for a long time.

The Video game Awards 2022 start on December 9, 2022, at 1:30 a.m.

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