How to unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A pleasant surprise was that Stitch joined Disney Dream light Valley.
We say it seems because, although there is a chain of tasks, which suggests that an alien from space looked into the valley and caused chaos in the valley, we currently cannot fulfill the quest.
This makes you wait for several days to continue.
Of course, we hope that Stitch will become one of Disney’s characters, who officially joined the valley.
Here are all the steps that we still know to complete the secret of stolen socks in Disney Dream light Valley.

How to go through the Secret of the Stolen socks in Disney Dream light Valley

To start this quest, find a few wet socks on a small island next to the skull cave on the Dazzle beach.
DD is embroidered on them.
Go and show them to Donald, who is convinced that the aliens stole them.
Usually we would not believe in such wild stories, but in this case you should make fun of him and go check the crime scene, his house.


You will find that Donald’s house is destroyed.
Help him remove five piles of trash.
Having cleared the fifth pile, you will find a strange alien device.
Perhaps Donald was right in the end.
Return the device to Donald.
While you say, the device will get in touch with Soggy Socks.
It says that DNA material was obtained, and the profile is filled by 33%.
Then Donald will invite you to wait a few days.
From time to time he saw how lights appeared in the sky, and he thinks that this is your next clue.

When we can advance further, we will correspond to this article accordingly.
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