Two Point Pebberley Campus Guide


PEBBLY RUINS is the eighth campus that players will visit in the Two Points campus.
This campus is surrounded by ruins, therefore, exploring these ancient ruins, the players have a high chance to find some great treasure.
In this campus, the main goal of the players is to dig up ancient treasures for academic and financial reasons.
Players need to control the campus building and the number of adjacent excavations.
Beverley Ruins can offer Two Point Campus gamers.
To tell you more, we compiled this leadership in order to explain in detail everything about the Beverley Ruins stage in the Two Point campus.

how to unlock Beverley ruins

Ruin Beverley at two points of campus has certain prerequisites.
In the course of the game, players visit different campuses and perform various tasks.
To unlock Beverley ruins, players must first receive one-star rating of campus in the Spyffinmur as well as Fluffier.
Spyffinmur and Fleffboro-the sixth and seventh campuses that players will visit during the game.
This is the only way to unlock Beverley ruins.
Players should be very careful if they still need to catch up in one-star target in the Spyffinmur and Fluffier.
As soon as it is unlocked, the players, unlike other campuses, will begin from the ground, and not from the large building.
Thus, players first need to build a campus building.
Then, archeology students will explore places and find artifacts as the academic year passes, and students find more artifacts.
Then they can sell these artifacts for income.
If the players have earned enough, selling these artifacts, they should increase the excavation, because the more it is, the more chances for students to find artifacts further.

courses ruin Beverley

PEBBLY RUINS, unlike others, does not offer several courses.
Instead, he offers one course that archeology.
This course will teach how to dig out places and, thus, explore artifacts hidden deep inside.
The found artifacts can then be sold by receiving huge profits, or use them to decorate the campus.
To unlock archeology, you must buy a site before its net cost is $80,000.
As soon as the site is purchased, the course will open automatically.

How to complete stellar tasks in Beverley ruins

The Two Point campus has special requirements to bring your campus to the next stage, and the ultimate goal is to turn your campus into a campus with 3 stars.
Here we will consider every goal that gamers must fulfill in order to earn a star rating to their university.
The goals for 1 star and 2 stars are relatively simple.
They will practically end themselves and do not require any techniques;
Therefore, we only formulate these goals.
However, goals for 3 stars require tactics;
Thus, there is a complete strategy for all the goals that you need so that your campus receives three stars.

rating 1 star

Campus Level 12
Players need to hire qualified staff in order to increase the level of their campus, increase the number of students, build a new building and support it.
Students-archaeologists of level 10: 10
Players need to train 1 employee to level 5.

  • Excuse a minimum of 15 artifacts

2-star rating goals

  • Campus level 18
  • Most students in the campus should be b+
  • Student average happiness = 70%
  • At least 30 artifacts

rating 3 stars

  • Campus Level 24
    Classes of class A+: 30
    Players need to train their teachers so that they approach the 10th level.
    Players need to improve the faculty in order to receive a lot of A+ ratings in their classes.
    Also give several levels of security to the wipers.
    Thus, in order to significantly increase these estimates, update everything that can be improved.
    The attractiveness rating should be 75%
    Attractiveness is largely related to artifacts that students find.
    Thus, by selling these artifacts, players should remember that this will affect their attractiveness, and not just selling all these artifacts for income.
    Achieving 75% of attractiveness is perhaps the most difficult, because the excavations sites have only one feature that can increase their attractiveness: a fir Yuma.
    However, it should not be used because it will overheat everyone who works there.
    If the money is not a problem, you can make a campus attractive by placing objects outside (but be careful, many of them reduce beauty).
    Sell artifacts and earn $200,000
    This goal does not have such technical aspects;
    Continue to look for artifacts and sell them to earn at least $200,000 so that you can get a three-star rating.