How To Get The Golden Ball In Bitlife

To achieve the highest athletic stardom obviously implies a lot of work, especially for those who seek to win the Ballot For.
In Bit life, you can experience a part of that trip with your own virtual character.
If you also want to be recognized as one of the best (virtual) soccer players, here are how to get the Golden Ball in Bit life.

How to win the Ballot For Award in Bit life

To win the Golden Ball in Bit life, you must dedicate your life to football from very early.

In the long way to professional stardom, these are some key decisions that must be made from the beginning:
Choose Spain as your nationality or immigrant.
Since the Golden Ball Award is usually awarded to players from Spain, you should naturally live within the country.
Choose Spain when a new life begins to make it easier or immigrate there later in life when it becomes a professional football player.
Join the football team at school.
As soon as you can try for the football team, do it.
More importantly, practice and train as much as possible in a single shift in an effort to become the captain of the team.
Keep your high grades and get away from drugs because you will need good grades to attend the university and your coach will make you a drug test from time to time.


  • Become a professional football player.
    Once you have graduated from high school, and whenever you have kept up to date with practice and exercise, you will be offered the opportunity to join professional teams.
    If not, that’s fine;
    You can always go through an evaluation by choosing professional athlete in special careers.
    Once you have been accepted in the League, it will be on its way.
    Once again, stay away from drugs that improve performance, as this will disqualify it.
  • Win the Golden Ball.
    Now that you are a professional football player, continue training and practicing in an effort to be changed to a first level team and become an elite player.
    The goal is to win at least three championships before starting to qualify for the Golden Ball.
    After the third championship, any subsequent championship is an opportunity to win the Ballot For award, but keep in mind that this is still left to chance.
    And with that, you have everything you need to know about how to get the Golden Ball in Bit life.
    If you do not win a year, continue, practice, train and stay away from drugs.
    With a little luck, you will win it in a short time.
    In another life, however, you may want to live a love as a criminal.
    If this is the case, it will be useful to know how to steal a bank or join the Italian mafia.
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