How To Make A Holy Log In Dreamlight Valley. Its As Easy As Pie!

Disney Dream light Valley includes many desserts, from sweet treats for summer, such as Tropical pops, to pies baked in the oven, such as Blueberry Pie.
By the festive season, Disney Dream light Valley offers new holiday thematic recipes that you can bake for yourself or your friends from Disney.
Here’s how to make one of them, holy log, in Disney Dream light Valley.

Recipe for Christmas Fill Disney Dream light Valley

To prepare a holy log in Disney Dream light Valley, you will need four ingredients: wheat, vanilla, cocoa beans and cherries.
Wheat is grown from the garden.
You can always buy wheat seeds in the Shuffle Street in a peaceful meadow.
They stand one coin beyond.

Plant them in the biome of the peaceful meadow to increase the growth time of the crop.
You must also collect all plants, walking with a friend of Disney, which increases gardening in order to get a chance to get an additional piece of wheat for each plant that you collect.
Vanilla, cocoa beans and cherries-all these are objects that you collect in various biomes.
During the gathering, do not forget to take Disney’s friend with you, who increases this activity in order to get additional objects every time you interact with the plant.


Vanilla is a thin green plant found on a sunny plateau.
Cocoa beans can be found on trees on a sunny plateau or in a clearing of trust.
Cherry is usually found on trees with pink leaves in frosty heights.
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