Disneys Shares Fall To Lowest Point By Avatar 2

Avatar: The Way of Water has a complicated mission to meet.
Due to the high production costs, James Cameron’s film has to raise a huge amount of money at the international box office.
While the first weekend was positive, the expected numbers were not reached, so Disney’s actions run a risk.
According to several analysts, since The Way of Water did not meet income expectations in China during the last days, Disney’s shares decreased by 4.77%, a point that had not been seen since March 2020. That is,
It has fallen equal to the moment in which the pandemic forced all the movie theaters.
As if that were not enough, Market watch has pointed out that the mouse company could suffer the fall in the price of the strongest shares since 1974.
In this regard, Tony Chambers, Chief of Distribution at Disney cinemas, has indicated that this is due to Covid restrictions in China.
This was what was said about it:

The problem is that nobody wants to go to the movies, because they have been told that Covid is extremely dangerous.
Although theaters are open, there is no eager to go to them.
In this way, it is clear that Avatar: The Way of Water could well become a failure for Disney, although it is still very soon to point to the tape as this.
We just have to wait and see what will happen to James Cameron’s new movie.


Will you be able to match the success of your predecessor?
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Editor’s note:
Avatar: The Way of Water is in a fairly complicated position.
This is a good film, and has had a good performance at the box office, but considering how expensive it was, the film industry is required to be in a position where perhaps it will no longer be to obtain the desired results.