Disney Dreamlight Valley: Unveiling The 2023 Release Roadmap – Get Ready For An Epic Adventure!

The Game loft designers dropped another details swap for the fans of Disney Dream light Valley.

They lastly reveal the release date for the long-awaited, next update.


Message of February 6, 2023:

Disney Dream light Valley: The release date for the upgrade is certain

Both on Twitter and Discord, Wicker Game loft has finally divided the release date for the A Festival of Friendship update.
From February 16, you can take pleasure in the new material.
Together with the date there is also another sneak peek in the kind of crucial art:
On this, for instance, Olaf The snowman from the ice queen and Mirabel from En canto can be seen.
These looks were already conscious of the fans.
What you are especially delighted about are the illustration of the wonderful house of Capital and a strange sign in the background.
The fans hypothesize that it might be a new recommendation to Atlantis.
What exactly awaits you will explain Game loft more precisely the next few days.
We will keep you up to date.
You can discover out what other innovations are still coming below.
Message of January 31, 2023:

Disney Dream light Valley gets cute buddies

Disney Dream light Valley’s internal discord server has reached a happy 100,000 members.
To celebrate this, the Game loft developers offer a little sneak peek for the upcoming complimentary update in February 2023.
Look forward to a new animal buddy that you can open in the fresh star course.
Here you can see the unveiling of the bunny:
The outfit of the little bunny is reminiscent of the crazy hatmaker from Alice in Wonderland.
You hypothesize whether this brand name might quickly come into the valley.
Up until now, Game loft has actually not confirmed anything in this direction.
You can discover what you have currently shown the neighborhood in the Roadmap summary.

that brings the future of Disney Dream light Valley

Game loft has actually lastly dropped the roadmap for 2023 by Disney Dream light Valley and reveals the upcoming content you can eagerly anticipate (source: Disney Dream light Valley).
The first free upgrade awaits you in February.
The following content is included:
2 brand-new characters: Maribel from En canto and Snowman Olaf from the ice queen
New star course: 100.
Anniversary of Disney
It continues in April.
Here, too, fresh food is waiting in the valley, even if Game loft keeps himself more covered with the information:
New characters: Simba from the king of the lions and other unknown figures
A new realm
Still secret surprises
New star course: Disney Parks
With the other material updates, the designers have actually not yet given a precise month for publication.
On the main website it is just summer, so at the beginning of June most likely expects the following content:
You will be able to more reveal the secrets of forgetting and find new secrets
A new character: Probably the Disney princess Cinderella discovers her way into the valley
A brand-new star path: The subject is not yet known
Here we have listed all existing characters in Disney Dream light Valley for you:
What likewise can be found in the course of 2023?
The following topics and news are still on the strategy:
Clothing and concepts
Decorations and furnishings
In addition to these understood information, Game loft guarantees more surprises about the specific updates.
They likewise teased brand-new functions and further enhancements for the simulation video game.
The publisher wants to reveal specific dates and more details for the first free upgrade in February for the coming weeks.
We keep you approximately date.
In this video we have summed up which daily tasks you should perform in Disney Dream light Valley:
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