Mark Your Calendar: The Release Date For Gladiator 2 Is Finally Here!

Gladiator, the acclaimed film of the year 2000, will have a sequel.
While the details of this delivery are not yet clear, a premiere date has already been defined, which, if another pandemic will arrive, will probably be able to fulfill.
However, do not wait for the tape to arrive this year.
According to Deadline, Gladiator 2 will arrive at theaters of cinemas on November 22, 2024, the week of Thanksgiving.
Outside an unknown Disney animated film, there are no more premieres scheduled for that week, so, so far, it has the potential to steal the public’s attention and be a success.
Regarding what we know about the film, Paul Mescal, who this year has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor thanks to his participation in After sun, is in conversations to star in the sequel.
However, Mescal would replace the Maximus of Russell Crowe.
Instead, he would play Lucius, Lucille’s son, played by Connie Nielsen, who is now an adult man, since the story takes place several years after the first film ended.


Similarly, Ridley Scott is the producer with Michael Puss, Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher, while the script is in charge of David Scarp.
At the moment there are no more details, but considering that much more than a year is missing for its premiere, we are very likely to have more information in the coming months.

Remember, Gladiator 2 will premiere on November 22, 2024. In related issues, we already know when the Tetris movie will be released.
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Via: Deadline