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Path of Exile Frenzy Power Charge Ring is one of the rarest and most Expensive Ring Bases Available

The Path of Exile Frenzy Power Charge Ring is one of the rarest and most expensive ring bases available in Path of Exile. This unique item was recently crafted by a player who was lucky enough to find the exact mod he was looking for. This ring has two power charges and two frenzy charges, as well as a mod providing increased spell damage per power charge. This makes it perfect for a discharge POE build, as it offers an additional 77 spell damage as a single mod, and 154 when paired with a second ring. It also provides a variety of other useful mods, such as life, cast speed, and multi-charges.

The ring has already been mirrored twice, with the player receiving a total of roughly half a mirror’s worth of Poe currency for the two transactions. This shows just how rare and valuable a ring base with this mod actually is. The player has also spent a lot of time and effort in the past pursuing these rings, as he owns 100 of them in the game from Sentinel League. He also has a variety of four charge rings, all with their own unique mods, making them incredibly useful and desirable.

This ring is the most valuable base ever made and can’t be crafted, making it incredibly rare. The third implicit on this ring is Rarity, and it is the only other ring in the game with both Power and Frenzy Charges.

The Path of Exile game is always changing, so the value of items can vary from league to league. However, the rarity and cost of the Power and Frenzy Charge mods make this ring the most valuable item in the game. It is also an incredibly valuable mod for builds, such as discharge builds, as it gives significant damage increases.

Overall, this ring is not only the rarest and most valuable item in the game but also an incredibly useful mod for builds. Knowing what items are valuable and how to use them can be a great advantage for Path of Exile players.