Experience the 90s Shootem Ups with Zyrian – Early Access on Android & PC

Shoot’em ups fans surely recognize the 90s as a golden age for gender.
Syrian captures the essence of this classic gaming experience while developing what made its success.
With mobile care, multidirectional gameplay, personalized missions, several currencies and a system of randomization of objects offering millions of possible ships and weapons, Syrian is a unique addition to the Shoot’em Up category.
Syrian’s most impressive characteristic is the deep level of object personalization.


There are dozens of different types of ships, weapons, shields, engines, generators and modules, and each that the player meets is modified by his rarity, his faction and his level.
This means that players are always looking for something better.
The weapon system also allows the player to personalize his attack, equipping two different sets with a dozen different weapons at the same time.

Players can also choose the direction of shooting their weapons, which allows them to concentrate their attack on the enemies in front, next or behind them.
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Syrian fans can expect a full outing of the game in early 2021.