Move in the Eye of the Storm: How to Survive Storms Awakening Challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

If you work on Awakening Challenges Storms in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, you will know that you must move in the center of the eye of the storm while wearing the Skin Storm.
As some people could find it before unlocking the skin, you will have to reach level 53 in the Battle Pass to unlock Storm and level 60 to unlock the challenges of awakening.

Do not forget to equip the skin for the match, or you will not be able to take up the challenge.
The eye of the storm is the calm area without clouds, where the air itself does not try to kill you.
As such, you will have to wait for about a minute for the storm to really form.


We suggest that you drop it to Lazy Lake and grasp the choppy so that you can easily fly where the center of the storm eye is.
Once the storm is formed, a white circle will appear on the map.
Place a card marker about in the middle, then fly into the Choppy.
Jump and look around for a purple beam of a rotation icon.
The icon will look like a flash.
Go ahead, press the Emote button and the challenge will be finished.
This is Storm’s latest awakening challenge, and when you are emotional, his skin will change, winning a cape and other additional details.
It is a slightly less impactful change than some others in the game, but it always looks great.