Test the Logitech G Fits: Find Out if They Are Worth the Investment

Reward we were offered to test the last intramuscular headphones created by Logitech, we thought it should be worth it: indeed, regardless of the test that we offer a competing brand, everyone ends up with
Tell us that there is a minimum equivalent device in the brand with big G.
After receiving the G Fits, we dug our heads for a while.
We had already seen them somewhere.
It took a long time to remember where, but in the end we managed to get our finger on it, and the arrival of this product in the Logitech range was not really a surprise: we invite you to watch the Ultimate Ears Fits, product marketed since 2020 by the company Ultimate Ears, a Logitech branch since 2008.

What we liked

Light form molding

The headphones are delivered with tips in flexible material, which we must admit that we do not know what nature is (beware of possible allergies).
It is this material that is at the heart of the main point of sale of the G fits.
Put yourself in the ears and integrated UV lamps will heat the tip to harden it and ensure that the imprint of your ear is immortalized in the tip, ensuring a perfect waterproofing of the earphone in your ear.
The process may be able to inconvenience some, it is hot, it is not really comfortable, and above all, you do not have the right to make mistakes: Logitech, surprisingly, only provides you
Only set of tips.
These headphones are for you and no one other than your monozygous twin will be able to wear them.
We have not seen on the official website the possibility of ordering more.
The advantage of this approach is that in addition to providing comfort to any other the same (after all, the tip is cut for your ear), it offers significant stability by eliminating the game from the forced tip
In your ear but especially passive sound insulation of very good quality.
Your auditory duct is normally fully filled and is therefore isolated from the outside.
You find yourself alone with the sound of your own voice, which is sometimes a little confusing at first for long telephone exchanges.


It is more and more common on gaming helmets (the friend Gagnon tested the Syn Max Air of Rocket a few days ago), it is still relatively rare on intramuscular (from memory, the only ones that we’re Having seen the GTW 270 Hybrid EPOS pass in our hands), but the G Fits offer double connectivity to ensure their all-terrain gaming side.
On the one hand, you have the traditional Bluetooth connection, which allows you to connect them to everything that is almost compatible.
During our tests, the Bluetooth connection proved to be very stable whether on our mobile phones (we used them in parallel with our Red magic 8 Pro test), a tablet or a laptop.
The Light speed connection delivers full satisfaction compared to the promise to sell: the latency of the audio is undetectable, the connection is stable up to more than ten meters and the sound, in particular the microphone, is largely improved, without
doubt because of the increased bandwidth.
The only small downside, at this level, is the bias of Logitech to promote a USB dongle accompanied by an adapter to the USB-C rather than opting for a USB-C Dongle, smaller and more, accompanied by a USB A adapter. In absolute terms, one choice is worth another, but the increased lever effect on USB-C ports which are not always the most resistant in the event of very involuntary contact on the port
Loading a phone slipped into a pocket could have costly consequences.

What we liked less

Audio out of the box

First time that we put the very function of an object that we test in the category of points that we did not like, but rightly, in our opinion: just the fact that you hear noise, a real
Noise in the audiophile sense of the term, getting out of your headphones when you don’t play anything on it is a very clear indicator that your audio experience is not going to be the most huge.
Before we are told it was perhaps frying linked to the peripherals to which you connected them, we had the same phenomenon on a smartphone, a tablet, a PC and a switch.
We will grant you the possibility that our test sample may be defective.
We would even come to wish given the quality of our experience.
The musical experience was balanced: not much to complain about it, all the frequencies is well represented, audible and one does not suffocate others.
This is even more true if you are connected in USB, the increase in bandwidth offering even more possibilities to your headphones.
But hey… balanced is not synonymous with excellence either.

In the game, we had a just passable impression.
We will specify that this can be a little improved via the options made available in the application, but in play, we had a feeling of the most absolute monotony.
We put the game to the test on some of our titles of the moment like Metal: Hell singer, Monster Hunter: Rise, Plague Tale: Requiem (made entirely on smartphone thanks to the streaming of the Game Pass Ultimate) or Dark and
Darker, and the rendering was particularly bland, lacked deep.
With the default settings, voices, sound effects, music mixing without one or the other never taking the upper hand in a kind of soup.

The quality of the microphone is always an important aspect of the evaluation of an audio device that claims to be gaming.

After all, he is supposed to hold the road and support conversations held for hours with your game friends.
Again, with regard to gaming, the results obtained are acceptable.
The voice is clear, the fact that we are not dealing with a microphone mounted on an arm reduces the concerns of plosives, the extent of our voice is not extraordinary, but quite audible whether it is at stake
or on discord.
Everything is fine as long as you are a gamer who stays at home.
It was the use in real life that posed us.
We found ourselves several times to have to recall our correspondent from our phone by short-circuiting the headphones because according to them, our microphone seemed completely drowned by the sounds of the surrounding traffic.
Even in quieter environments, such as a children’s park, the sound of our voice was too calm and drowned in interference.

Tactile controls

The best illustration of the weakness of these controls is nothing other than the most highlighted functions of these headphones, the transition from one connection mode to the other.
On paper, nothing could be simpler: three pressures on one of the headphones.
It doesn’t matter which one.
It is supposed to be within the reach of the first comer.
Throw us the first stone, a priori, we are not M. Tout le monde, because we absolutely never got there the first time.
Two potential explanations: either the function has a latency such in fact, it walks the first time and takes three leads, and we do not associate it with our first attempt but rather the third, or the tactile controls are just means.
Unfortunately, this is the second hypothesis that seems to be retaining: in more than half of our attempts, the G Fits have misinterpreted the order that we wanted to execute, forcing us most often to multiply the contacts to hope to reach the
desired objective.
The absence of clear signals on the proper execution of an order does not help either: a beep is like nothing more than another beep, and without any other form of feedback, it is difficult to really know what
‘We did or what was taken into account.


Quite simply, no.
You cannot imagine how much it made us twist the brain to have to install an application only for these headphones.
A fortiori, it would be a new range of products, a new brand, either, still goes.
But we have just spent hours writing that the full name of this product was the Logitech g fits, so can I explain to me, please, why this particular product is not attached to the damn application
Logitech G?
We do not know if you know the application, but it manages, like, the same functions (level, management of controls, microphone, equalizer…) as those of this new application, except the first catch
in hand and the formatting of your tips.
A priori, it is simpler for Logitech to develop an entire application (well, we should perhaps say to rep ump EU fits) than to integrate a tutorial into an already existing application.


It is an oblong capsule as Cyrano would say that more or less looks like another transport box for headphones.
First detail that marked us: you do not have an external indicator indicating that the load is in progress or the remaining level of charge.
Second detail that skipped us at the eyes: the hinge does not really inspire us confidence, we would not clearly leave a child if only manipulates it because it could very quickly end.

Third and last point which made us pest: the material which covers it will be ransacked in two stages three movements by any other material which would fall into contact with him.
Did we slip it into a pocket with a few pieces?
Some beautiful white stripes that adorn the shell.
Even better ?
Slipped into a jeans pocket, it is quite tight and therefore rubs against the equipment, to the point of losing its black color.


To tell the truth, we are very happy not to have received the white version, it would have been a real carnage.

The price

Sorry, we are not going to go there by four paths: there is absolutely nothing that justifies an investment of €249 in this pair of intramuscular headphones.
Admittedly, they offer a hybrid form joining mobility to a gaming aspect, but the fact that performance is more than average in one as the other of the areas give us no reason to defend this price choice, then
Even that we do not shit to offer tests of good gaming helmets at more prices, for the right and simple reason that because they are not taken their ass between two chairs, they manage to offer a form of
quality that can make this price possible.

Lakes your purple light, Martin

Whatever you heard about the Logitech G Fits, we have only one thing to tell you: they are not worth the €249 that Logitech will ask you to have them.
We would have liked to tell you that it was such an innovative product that he was inevitable that he had concerns, but it would be lying, since we discovered according to our research that it was in fact almost a simple overhaul
Ultimate Ear Fits, a product sold for several years by… a Logitech branch.
The main gimmick of these intramuscular, the adaptation of its tip to the shape of your ear, has at least the merit of keeping the main promise of this product in a completely effective way, and it is true that this adaptation offers stability
Rare and above all an excellent passive sound insulation.
Bluetooth and via USB Light speed connections are also effective, but there are cheaper alternatives and barely less efficient on the market, we will only mention that EPP BTW 270 Hybrid headphones that we tested some time ago.
The heart of the problem is that apart from that, nothing goes in the Logitech g fits.
Tactile controls lack responsiveness, the default sound is at best average and the application is just unsuitable to provide an intuitive and simple experience to users who would venture to want to use it.
We will grant the Logitech G Fits that they are the first body of a popular brand deploying a technology that may embody (and we really hope) the future of intramuscular headphones, but they cost far too much for a
performance in too disappointing.
For their price, we have tested many very good helmets or headphones in our columns sold for less than €100, and you can completely pay them for the price of only one of these fits.
This test was carried out by Martin with a device provided by the manufacturer.
Its drafting is not the fruit of any financial transaction between Games online and the manufacturer or companies representing it.