Path of Exile

PoE Guides: Advanced Strategies for Dominating Tournaments

Welcome back, Exiles! The journey through the Trials of the Ancestors in Path of Exile continues to unveil its challenges and intricacies. In our previous guide, we delved into the initial strategies to navigate these intense tournaments. However, the landscape has shifted since then, and in this article, we’re here to discuss the refined strategies that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Recap and the Challenge of Units
As we dive deeper into the tournaments, the challenge becomes ever more apparent. The unit count of your opponents steadily grows as you progress, and their strength rises significantly. The key to triumph lies in outsmarting this unit disparity. While individual units may not seem formidable, their collective might can be overwhelming. In particular, watch out for some of the advanced units – a colossal tortoise-like creature stands out as a relentless force. This juggernaut seems nearly unstoppable, but dealing consistent damage over time can eventually take it down. Be prepared for the possibility of it respawning, though.

An effective strategy against these challenging units involves targeting certain totems with banishment. Your focus should be on countering units that pose the greatest threat, and these totems are at the top of your hit list.

Navigating the Deadly Goliaths
Among the menacing units you’ll encounter, the Goliaths of the Knight are a dire threat. These units, wielded by the Rongo Karai tribe, grow in numbers as the tournament progresses. Here’s where your traditional physical damage reduction might fail you. Even if you’re sporting a hefty 30,000 to 50,000 armor, these Goliaths can tear through your defenses. Some reports indicate being one-shot even at monster level 75. It’s a grim situation.

But fear not, fellow Exiles, for we have solutions. Characters with hybrid life and energy shield buffers, amplified by the Corrupted Soul Keystone, or those bolstered by the Chaos Inoculation Keystone with a massive energy shield pool, are better equipped to withstand these brutal attacks. And don’t overlook the potential of shifting physical damage to elemental damage via the Lightning Coil. Adaptability is key.

Crafting Your Strategy
As you plan your Crafting strategy, consider your strengths and weaknesses against each tribe. While some may feel like “buy” encounters due to your defenses, others might be genuine threats. The Ramako and Ungui tribes might be more manageable, but your goal is to engineer the order of encounters. Facing your easier opponents later ensures that their numbers increase more gradually, which works in your favor. Remember, you’re the star of your team, and NPCs can amass powerful side units along with their team leaders.

Engage Early, Engage Wisely
The crucial point is to engage the most formidable opponents early in the tournament. The Rongo Karai and Namahu tribes might be your most challenging adversaries. Eliminating them early is your ticket to success. Prioritize strategies that allow you to face these threats before they have a chance to amass strength.

Balancing Rewards and Progression
Balancing rewards and progression is a delicate act. Some tribes offer greater sponsorship rewards than others. Assess the potential rewards and decide whether they are worth pursuing. If none particularly entice you, focus on the tribe that grants you the best chance to progress. For instance, targeting the Calm tribe first might be daunting, but it can unlock better units for you.

The Trials of the Ancestors is a complex arena, brimming with nuances waiting to be explored. With each encounter, you’re fine-tuning your strategies, discovering what works best for your playstyle. This guide has outlined advanced strategies to enhance your tournament dominance. Remember, the path to victory requires adaptability, preparation, and strategic thinking. So, gear up, Exile, and may your valobs yield exciting results as you rise through the Trials of the Ancestors. Until next time, happy hunting!