New World

New World Returning Player Guide Pre-Expansion 2023

You are embarking on a triumphant return to Aeternum, the valiant traveler! The evolving landscapes of the New World await your rediscovery, adorned with transformative alterations. As you venture back, this revised compendium stands as your beacon, illuminating the path through the labyrinth of novelties guiding you towards triumph in the realm of Aeternum. In this primer, you shall unearth insights and strategies to navigate the winds of change, sketching a roadmap for your ascendancy as you reunite with the world’s vibrant tapestry.

Raffle Bones Event and Expertise Upgrades

The first and foremost activity you should focus on is the ongoing RaffleBones event. Look for Rafflebones portals on the map, venture to three of them, and defeat Raffle Bones three times. This event offers substantial rewards and guarantees expertise upgrades. Expertise now replaces Watermark and dictates your gear score potential. Make sure you max out your expertise to stay competitive.

Gypsum: Gather and Conserve

Gypsum is a new resource that can help you level up your expertise quickly. While you can gather gypsum easily, consider conserving it for later use. This resource might prove invaluable in the Expansion or during any potential skill increases. You can also acquire hidden stashes through open-world activities, providing you with diamond gypsum and extra New World gold.

Cleaves Malice Event

Participate in the Cleaves Malice event located in the south of Great Cliff. This event offers excellent weapon XP and can significantly boost your expertise progress. Engage in the waves of enemies, and be prepared for the commander spawn at the end, which rewards you with a substantial bonus of XP.

Elite Chest Runs and PvP

Engage in Elite Chest Runs (ECRs) with groups that focus on running expeditions together. Alternatively, dive into PvP modes like Outpost Rush and 3v3 Arena, where gear score scaling evens the playing field for players below 600 gear score. Participating in PvP not only yields expertise gains but also allows you to acclimate to the combat mechanics.

Crafting and Gathering Skills

Use this time to level up your crafting and gathering skills. With fewer returning players focusing on these skills, resources are more abundant and can help you earn gold. Gather materials efficiently, level up your trades, and consider stockpiling special resources that might become even more valuable in the Expansion.

Faction Missions and Season Pass Activities

Complete your faction missions daily for extra rewards. Faction tokens and gold are just some of the benefits you can reap. Additionally, engage in season pass activities by completing activity cards. These cards offer an efficient way to progress through the pass and unlock rewards.

Quests and Exploration

Catch up on questlines, especially in areas like Brimstone Sands. These quests can yield valuable rewards, including gear upgrades and bags. Remember to explore the world as you gather resources and complete tasks, as it’s a great way to progress in various aspects of the game.

Gypsum Crafting and Expertise Upgrades

Once you’re ready, use your collected gypsum to craft expertise-boosting items. Please focus on the gear that requires upgrades the most rather than using them haphazardly. This strategic approach will ensure that you maximize the effectiveness of gypsum in improving your expertise.

Prepare for the Expansion

While it’s uncertain how exactly the Expansion will impact gameplay, your proactive approach to leveling your expertise, gathering resources, and conserving valuable items will certainly give you an edge when new content arrives. Stay informed about upcoming changes and continue honing your skills in preparation for the Expansion’s challenges.


Returning to the New World in 2023 means embracing a world that’s undergone changes and improvements. Prioritize activities that offer expertise upgrades, gather and conserve resources wisely, engage in events that yield great rewards, and prepare for the Expansion by leveling your skills and staying informed. With this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to face the challenges and adventures that await you in the updated Aeternum.