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Path of Exile 3.22 Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build Guide

In this guide, we will delve into the Lightning Arrow Deadeye build for Path of Exile, which has proven to be an exceptional choice for a league start. This build offers efficient farming from early maps up to tier 16 content, making it an excellent option for semi-experienced players and those looking for a late-league start character. I’ll cover the character’s progression, gear, skill tree, Atlas strategy, and plans for the future, as well as provide updates to the Path of Building (PoB) configurations.

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Leveling and Early Mapping
When starting this build, you’ll find the transition from the beach to tier 16 Maps to be remarkably smooth. With Lightning Arrow’s inherent area of effect and Deadeye’s benefits, you’ll quickly progress from starter maps with minimal gear to more challenging ones, including juiced maps. The ability to maintain high damage output while clearing packs efficiently is a hallmark of this build.

The build revolves around the Rage mechanic, utilizing items like Vol’s Vision and Comb’s Spirit to synergize with the Deadeye ascendancy’s bonuses. Combining these items provides substantial life regeneration and Rage generation, allowing you to maintain near-constant uptime on Berserk.

Skill Choices
The core skill of this build is Lightning Arrow. As you progress, prioritize gear that boosts elemental damage, crit chance, and crit multiplier. The unique bow The Tempest is a great option for this build, and as you gear up, you can explore crafting or purchasing stronger bows to enhance your damage output.

Atlas Strategy
Your Atlas strategy is crucial for optimizing map sustain and currency generation. Focus on Expedition encounters using the “Oppenheimer node” (Extreme Archaeology), as this node drastically improves your Expedition experience by simplifying bomb placement. Additionally, engage with League mechanics like Legion encounters for rewards, and take advantage of Alva’s Temples and Delve nodes.

Atlas Tree

Closing Notes
The Lightning Arrow Deadeye build has proven to be an exhilarating and efficient choice for both League starters and seasoned players. With careful gear choices, strategic Atlas planning, and an eye toward future upgrades, you can ensure your character’s success and enjoy the thrill of zooming through high-tier content.