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New World Upcoming Expansion: 13 New Details and 7 Key Aspects

The hype around New World upcoming expansion is reaching fever pitch as developers share a plethora of new information. In this article, we’ll delve into 13 crucial expansion details and 7 key aspects straight from the developers themselves. From Aptitude XP to artifacts, mount requirements to loot boxes, we’ll break down the key points that will shape the future of this popular MMORPG.

13 New Expansion Details

First, we’ll explore 13 new expansion details of the new world, giving you a deeper understanding of different aspects of the expansion.

Aptitude XP Freeze:
Aptitude XP won’t carry over to the new levels, but it won’t be lost either. Once you purchase the expansion and unlock the new trade skill cap of 250, your aptitude XP will be frozen. You can continue leveling your trade skill, and when you reach 250, your aptitude will resume its effect. This approach prevents massive progression skips and maintains balance.

Void Spear Absence:
The absence of a void spear is explained by the developers stating that they haven’t created one yet. They’re testing the waters with unique attribute-scaling artifacts. Players are encouraged to share their ideas for future artifact types.

Unique Artifact Appearances:
Artifacts in the expansion will have unique appearances, adding visual diversity to your gear as you embark on new adventures.

Limited Progression Resources:
To prevent players from making huge progression leaps, resources like unusual ore will be limited to three uses per day. This ensures a more balanced and gradual progression experience.

Shards for Gold Exchange:
Contrary to claims from a single news outlet, there’s no official word on whether shards can be exchanged for New World gold. The developers remain tight-lipped on this matter.

Artifact-Specific Skills:
Players can’t choose which skill to attach an artifact to. Each artifact has a specific perk associated with it, which may affect skills or change weapon functionality.

Magnify Clarification:
Magnify, the system that amplifies your highest attribute, replaces the attribute perk slot. This clarification clears up confusion regarding its slot placement.

Casual War Option:
Developers express interest in making Wars more accessible outside of territory control. While the timeline isn’t specified, it’s a feature they’ve discussed previously.

Tech Upgrades:
Various technological advancements are coming to New World, including revamped combat code to reduce overhead memory needs. These improvements promise a smoother and less janky combat experience.

Standard Worlds and Fresh Start Servers:
New zones will be introduced to accommodate expanding player populations. There are no plans for designated Fresh Start servers, but standard servers will allow players to transfer and enjoy content with friends.

Seasonal Narrative Pause:
The seasonal narrative, usually tied to the questline, will be on hold for Season 3. Instead, the Blood of the Sand storyline will remain active during the interim.

Loot Box Timing:
Loot boxes determine their contents when opened. However, Outpost Rush caches from today onward will be level-locked to 60 in the expansion.

Preparation for the Expansion:
Despite concerns about the impact of preparing for the expansion, developers reassure players that gathering and crafting, along with stored boxes, will still provide valuable advantages in the new expansion.

7 Key Aspects

Next, we’ll explore seven key aspects of the New World expansion that you may not be aware of yet. These insights will help you prepare and understand the game better as you dive into the new content.

Aptitude System Not Getting Reset:
One major concern players had was whether their aptitude would be reset in the expansion. The good news is that your aptitude will not be reset entirely. However, if your aptitude is exceptionally high, you will not start the expansion far ahead of others. For example, if you have an aptitude of 200 and 1000, it will revert to 200, and you’ll need to level it up to 250. This change aims to maintain balance and prevent players from having an overwhelming advantage.

Separate Balance for PvE and PvP:
One exciting development in the expansion is the introduction of separate balance adjustments for PvE and PvP. While the specifics are yet to be fully revealed, this change signifies that the developers are committed to ensuring a fair and balanced experience for both PvE and PvP players. Expect adjustments beyond just damage scaling, potentially affecting abilities and effectiveness.

Unique Appearances for Artifacts:
Artifacts in the game will not only have unique appearances but also exclusive perks not shared by any other items. This feature will appeal to collectors and transmog enthusiasts, as you’ll be able to showcase distinctive looks and powerful abilities through artifacts.

Influence System Revamp:
The influence system is undergoing a significant revamp, potentially introducing influence pushes and races. During an influence push, any faction member can participate in attacking or defending, with rewards for the winning side. This change emphasizes faction-based competition and may have implications for how wars are declared and managed.

Limited Daily Usage of Unusual Ores and Pouches:
In the expansion, players will be restricted to using a limited number of items like unusual ores and pouches per day. This change aims to prevent stockpiling and ensures a more balanced progression. If you’ve been hoarding these items, be prepared to adjust your strategy.

The Foil’s Unique Arcane Damage:
The Foil is set to become an intriguing weapon in the expansion, featuring consistent Arcane damage, a rare attribute. It offers two talent trees—one focused on tanking and the other on support. Visually stunning and mechanically promising, the Foil is a weapon worth keeping an eye on.

Humble Shards Converted to Gold:
A somewhat controversial change revolves around Humble Shards, which may be converted into gold in the expansion. While the exact conversion rate remains uncertain, this change could have varying impacts on players, from those with millions of shards to those with fewer. It’s a topic of debate within the community, and the final decision will be eagerly awaited.

Bonus: Mount Racing

The expansion introduces races (though more like time trials) for mounts. These races feature checkpoints and are all about completing a course as quickly as possible, competing against the clock rather than other players. While details are still sparse, this new feature adds a fun element to mount-related content.

As New World’s expansion draws nearer, these 13 details from the developers shed light on what players can expect. While not all questions have been answered, these insights into Aptitude XP, artifacts, progression, and more offer a glimpse into the exciting changes and challenges awaiting adventurers in the new expansion. Stay tuned for more updates as the release date approaches!