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Path of Exile Crafting Hinekora’s Locks Guides

Welcome, Exiles! In Path of Exile’s Ancestry League, Hinekora’s Locks have emerged as a valuable currency item, offering unique crafting possibilities. These locks allow you to preview the outcome of various currency and crafting methods before applying them to your items. However, the mechanics behind Hinekora’s Locks can be somewhat complex. In this guide, we will delve deep into how Hinekora’s Locks work, what currency items and crafting methods they are compatible with, and how you can use them effectively in your crafting endeavors.

How Do Heated Cora’s Locks Work?
Understanding how Heated Cora’s Locks function is essential to harnessing their power effectively.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:
Application: To use a Heated Cora’s Lock, apply it to the item you want to modify before using any currency item or crafting method.
Lock Icon and Glow: Once applied, the item will display a lock icon and emit a faint purple glow. This visual indicator signifies that the item is locked and protected.
Currency Preview: While the lock is active, you can right-click on various currency items and hover over the lock icon to see how each currency would affect the item if applied. This feature enables you to preview the potential outcome before making any changes.
No Lock Removal: Importantly, hovering over the item with different currencies will not remove the lock or prevent you from examining other currency types. The lock status remains intact until the item undergoes any form of modification.
Lock Removal: The lock can be removed by any modification to the item, regardless of whether it’s through a currency item or another crafting method. This means that once you decide to apply any change to the item, the lock will be automatically removed.
Exclusion from Corrupted Items: Heated Cora’s Locks cannot be applied to corrupted items. They must be used on non-corrupted items before any corruption is attempted.

Currency Items and Crafting Methods Compatible with Locks:
In summary, Hinekora’s Locks work with any currency item or crafting method where you can right-click the augmenting item, drag your cursor to the item being augmented, and then left-click to apply it.

These currency items and crafting methods include:
Exalted Orbs
Chaos Orbs
Divine Orbs
Vaal Orbs
Temple Double Corruptions
Tailoring Orbs
Temperance Orbs
Eldritch Currency
Conquerors’ Exalted Orbs
Awakener Orbs
Maven Orbs
Mirrors (for the adventurous)
Please note that Hinekora’s Locks do not work with currency items or crafting methods that have their own user interface, such as Bestiary crafting, the crafting bench, Harvest crafting, or Recombinators.

Hinekora’s Locks in Mirror Crafting:
While Hinekora’s Locks can be valuable in various crafting scenarios, their most intriguing application is in Mirror Crafting. In Mirror Crafting, where the goal is to create items for sale on the mirror service, Hinekora’s Locks offer distinct advantages:
Lock Cycling: The lock’s forecasted outcome is tied to the lock itself, not the currency item you hover over it. This means you can cycle locks repeatedly until you achieve your desired result. This feature is especially potent with Vaal Orbs and Temple Corruptions.
Saving Time: In Mirror Crafting, time is of the essence. Hinekora’s Locks significantly reduce the time required to craft high-value items, making the process more efficient.
Annulling Prefixes: If you’re crafting an item with specific prefixes in mind, you can apply Hinekora’s Locks, hover over the item with an Annulment Orb, and then reapply the lock until you achieve the desired outcome.
Cost-Efficiency: While Hinekora’s Locks are not as game-breaking as Eternal Orbs, they are more cost-efficient and can save both currency and valuable time.

Hinekora’s Locks are a valuable addition to Path of Exile’s Ancestry League, offering unique crafting opportunities and saving precious time in Mirror Crafting endeavors. Understanding their mechanics and compatibility with various currency items and crafting methods can greatly enhance your crafting skills.