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Path of Exile Hunting Down Missing Divination Cards Guides

In the ever-evolving world of Path of Exile, players often engage in various side projects and challenges. One such project, undertaken during the middle of a league, involves tracking down elusive divination cards. In this guide, we’ll delve into this unique undertaking, following a player’s journey to collect missing divination cards and their strategies to achieve their goal.

The Quest Begins
Our intrepid adventurer embarks on a mission to collect 77 missing divination cards. They’ve already opened thousands of stack decks to tackle this monumental task, yielding a bounty of divination cards. Yet, 77 cards remain stubbornly out of reach. With determination in their heart, they decide to farm these cards individually.

The First Target: “A Familiar Call”
The first missing card on their list is “A Familiar Call.” This particular card offers the chance to receive any jewellery item with an item level of 100, shaper, and hunter influence. Although not the most expensive card, it has proven elusive due to its limited drop location—the guardian of the Chimera map.

Our adventurer devises a plan to expedite the process. Instead of relying solely on the slim chance of the card dropping naturally, they decide to run five Chimera maps. They aim to improve their odds of obtaining the sought-after card by directly confronting the guardian.

Preparation for the Hunt
Before embarking on the quest for “A Familiar Call,” our player prepares their atlas. They opt for a basic atlas setup, highlighting strongboxes and shrines to enhance their chances. Additionally, they unlock the seventh gate to enable Heist missions, a consistent source of stack decks.

Into the Fray
Our hero, equipped with their trusty Herald of Thunder Auto Bomber build, isn’t necessarily optimized for boss fights. However, they have six portals at their disposal, allowing them to make multiple attempts at defeating the guardian. We’ll join them in the heat of battle and witness the results.

The Chimera Boss Fight
The Chimera boss fight unfolds with intensity. The adventurer engages in combat, and we fast forward to the crucial moments to witness the outcome.
First Attempt: No “A Familiar Call” card drops. Our adventurer remains undeterred.
Second Attempt: Once again, the elusive card does not make an appearance. Persistence is key.

The Aftermath
Though “A Familiar Call” remains elusive, our player isn’t disheartened. The five Chimera maps may not have yielded the desired divination card, but they did produce valuable loot. Blueprints for deception contracts, fragments, and the promise of future stack decks have brightened the horizon.

Continuing the Journey
Despite not achieving their initial goal, our adventurer presses onward. They’ve glimpsed the potential rewards of their project and understand that every map run brings them closer to completing their missing divination card collection. With an abundance of blueprints and the determination to keep hunting, their mid-league project continues.

In Path of Exile, mid-league projects like hunting down missing divination cards add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the game. Our adventurer’s quest to collect all 77 missing cards showcases the dedication and resilience of the Path of Exile community. While the Chimera map may not have yielded the desired results, the journey is far from over. With a stack of blueprints and a sense of purpose, our player marches forward, ready to conquer the next challenge that Path of Exile’s ever-evolving world throws their way.